Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dicks & Janes Podcast #53- the coffeecast

The Scarborough Dude, all wired up on coffee...
Thanks Michael D'Amico (see link below) for a great Zanta CD, and Molar Radio for introducing us all to Zanta, and Zanta for doing your thing. The documentary about Zanta is available at:
  • Zanta: The Movie

  • Michael D'Amico

  • Music:
    Hey Now, Hey Now - Cab Calloway - Are You Hep To The Jive?
    Glenellen Drive-By - Bunny Brown -
    Be-In - Various Artists - Hair
    Bye Bye Birdie - Stu Phillips Chorus & Orchestra - Lawrence of Arabia & Other Wonderful Movie Themes


    robb said...

    Enjoyed the show while reading an interesting article about why Tim Hortons is so important to Canadians -
    Sounds like your back on a roll Dude!

    Scarborough Dude said...

    Thanks Rob! Now our non-Canadian listeners can find out what this dam Tim Horton's buzz is all about. BTW, I just sent you a top secret ptivate message - don't tell anyone eh.

    Anonymous said...

    Sorry I haven't left a comment in a bit...I have finally got somewhat settled in here. I really enjoyed listening to the episode while attempted to get it together this morning. One thing that really stood out to me was the part where you went into work early. I do the same damn thing and laughed because I caught myself doing this as well last week, and left to go back out to my van. Our time is important, and we give enough of it to others without thinking about ourselves. Keep up the great work!

    meagrebones said...

    Who are you trying to kid Dude? You'll give up podcasting when you run out of worthwhile things to say? I'd think we've got another 20 - 30 years to go yet ;). You're right about taking time for yourself. If I try to press on and do the "right thing" by everybody I just up being an unbearable asshole. So, I've taken some time to write this and listen to Bob Willis and His Texas Playboys. If they don't cheer you up it's time to jump into a hole and pull the dirt in after you.
    Keep talking to us as long as you're enjoying it and remember you're helping us all out. Thanks!

    Scarborough Dude said...

    Thanks all you guys - that kind of encouragement and support is what keeps me going. In fact, I managed to pinch off another show out of that weekend - speeding up when I think I should be slowing down!

    Anonymous said...

    Crumbunnies. I've just recently gotten hooked on your show, and now you might hang it up. All the best to you no matter what your decision.
    I'm commenting on this show only because it's the most recent one I've downloaded. I jump around.
    Time is relative, yeah?

    Anonymous said...

    Wow, just today I was talking to Dave (of Chub Creek) about how the Internet doesn't care how old you are and about how cool it is that I can talk to people twice my age as casually as though they were my own age and nobody cares.

    This podcast kept distracting me because I had to go listen to Hair and then I had to listen to San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in your Hair) and the Hare Krishna song had me wikipediaing all this stuff and one thing kept leading to another and ... sheesh. Oh and I had to look at that Zanta thing and google that too.

    So yeah, great show all around.