Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dicks & Janes Podcast #52- nothing special

Ya, just another podcast from the Scarborough Dude. A little of this, a little of that.

Check out A Different Bullet eh:
  • A Different Bullet

  • Music:
    Honey Luv Ya - Syd Barret - The Madcap laughs
    Teenage Idol - Ricky Nelson - Best Of Ricky Nelson
    Sink The Bismark - Johnny Horton - Battle Of New Orleans
    I'll Tell Me Ma - The Blarney Lads - Irish Beer Drinking Favorites
    Carry That Weight - The Beatles - Abbey Road


    Daryl Cognito said...

    Thank F'en god, was getting worried

    Daryl Cognito said...

    I am not drunk! Where is my beer.

    Okay, first there were two seperate reports about Klien, one he threw it at her, the other said he threw it over his head.

    great show

    robb said...

    Enjoyed the show, especially the use of the expression "jaunty farts"...or was it garrulous gasbombs? Whatever. It was fun, it was off the cuff and it was real. Nuff said.

    Anonymous said...

    I haven't even listened to this episode yet, but Dude -- you do not play part of side two of Abbey Road unless you're going to play the whole thing.

    It's the law!

    Chris CaugheyMachine
    Toronto's Molar Radio Podcast

    Anonymous said...

    Fun episode though I did find the "world is improving" made me feel more pessimistic as ever. If wealth is the yardstick for success I chose the wrong planet to be born on. In many ways I was happier when we were living in a yurt with no electricity and running water living on $300-400/month for our family than I am now making much more than that. (though I vastly prefer Toronto to the bible belt where we were before moving here). Even though I succumb to consumerism at times, I don't think that is the right direction to be going.

    Thanks for the Syd Barrett - I hadn't heard that album since I was in university!

    Scarborough Dude said...

    I understand Chris - and in my true music listening days, would absoluetly never have thought of playing anything but the entire side - but 'boy, you're goining to carry that weight' just fit so beautifully with my story, I had no choice!

    BTW, I met Zanta yesterday and I was thrilled! It was like finding a long lost friend after knowing him so well from your show. Yes yes yes!!!

    Anonymous said...

    Hey - speaking of Zanta, did you see that the documentary about him is now online? Definitely worth a look

    Scarborough Dude said...

    Thanks Todd - just watched it, and I encourage anyone else visiting here to check it out too. Well done video, but still leaves me feeling slightly sad...