Wednesday, April 22, 2020

DicksnJanes #786: Social Handcuffs

Robert Mitchum in Out of the Past
Scarborough Dude gets a rude reality check but bounces back with voices from the past. Warning: some Beat talk.

Catch Me If You Can - The Dave Clark Five - The Dave Clark Five: The Hits
Tell Me Why - The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night
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Thursday, April 16, 2020

DicksnJanes #785: Ready Thursday

Scene from 12 Angry Men, COVID-19 home filmfest 
Scarborough Dude sits on park benches talking about Japanese bars and whatever else pops into his meandering mind.

Love Me Do - The Beatles - Please Please Me
You Really Got A Hold On Me - The Beatles - With The Beatles
Don't Bother Me - The Beatles - With The Beatles
P.S. I Love You - The Beatles - Please Please Me

Friday, April 10, 2020

DicksnJanes #784: My Soul Has a Paranormal Thumb

Scarborough Dude realizes he does not want his social isolation disrupted, and may extend the distancing even further. 

Sack O' Woe - Van Morrison & Georgie Fame - How Long Has This Been Going On
Chet's Tune - Willie Nelson - Nashville Was The Roughest
Til I Die - Beach Boys - Best of the Brother Years 1970-1986

Saturday, April 04, 2020

DicksnJanes #783: I Swear It Works!

Scarborough Dude continues to reflect on relationships, personal flaws, and mental blocks, against the backdrop of COVID-19. 

Einstein On the Beach: Bed - The Philip Glass Ensemble & Michael Riesman - The Essential Philip Glass (Deluxe Edition)
Young Love - Sonny James - 100 Country Classics
Honky Jazz - Tom Russell - Hotwalker