Saturday, May 28, 2005

Dicks&Janes Podcast#8

Forced myself to take care of some business before posting this one - hope it's worth the effort. A little of this, a little of that, some talk, some tunes - all Canadian, BTW - so just listen eh...

The tunes...
Home - Stephen Fearing - O Canada
Gymnopedie No. 1 - Erik Satie - free with Post Cereal (background)
Children Of The World - Willie Dunn - Here And Now (Disc 1)
Malaria - Michael Ferguson - courtesy of the artist
Liquor & Whores - Bubbles - The Trailer Park Boys
Voyageur - Bill Hilly Band - O Canada
L'eau Et Le Vent - Danielle Martineau - Here And Now (Disc 1)

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Man oh man!

What a bugger getting that last podcast up! All cuz I mistakenly changed the name on one file (pasted when I shudda copied), and f&%#@8ed up the sync fucntion witth .mac. Anyway, it's done - and now I'm only moments from starting into #8. BTW, if you have any friends who might be interested, I could always use a few more listeners. Don't really need votes - I'm quite content being number 2108 on Podcast Alley's Top 100, but feedback always welcome.

P.S. The line up for the Apple Store opening now only went thru Yorkdale Mall, but outside and around it!! Watched the first few keeners get in and heard the cheers, but no way I was gonna wait in that line!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Dicks&Janes Podcast#7

I just can't stop myself now! Never imagined how much fun this would be, and yet I'm still wondering why? It's almost like masturbation - listening to your own podcasts I mean. Sheesh! Anyway, this one was a wham bam thank you mam kinda show, brought on by bright pink cherry blossoms. Hey, and it was alcohol free - a first! Couple of hanging songs in there, and a whole bunch more - ya just gotta listen eh...

Oops- the songs & ditties...

The Overlander - Essential Aussie Songs (disc 2)
Everything I love - The Ken Peplowski Quintet - Cole Porter Songbok (background)
What's Going On - Mekon Featuring Roxanne Shant - Revolution mag CD
Free Until They Cut Me Down - Iron & Wine - Uncut Americana 2004
Tom Dooley - Kingston Trio - The Kingston Trio
Where The Dog Sits On The Tuckerbox - Jack O'Hagan - Essential Aussie Songs (disc 2)

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Dicks&Janes Podcast#6

Smokin! This is really for real now - putting up the blurb AND PODCAST at the same dam time! I even have real listeners now - two of them! And who knows, there may even be more of you out there. So anyway, have a listen, and send in some feedback eh. Number 7 comin up... BTW, the listening experience, with this and the other podcasts, is MUCH better with headphones - and preferably away from your computer.

The tunes you'll hear...
Deep Blue Day - Brian Eno - Trainspotting (background)
The Dreaming Dead - Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter - Uncut Americana 2004
Spiritual - Pat Methany/Charlie Haden - (background)
Moonlight Gambler- Frankie Laine - Country Greats
I'm Waiting For The Man - Velvet Underground - The Best of...
Static On The Radio - Jim White - Uncut Americana 2004
Nights At The Turntable - Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker - The Best of... (background)

Friday, May 13, 2005


I can't believe it! Finally reactivated my .Mac account, and presto! DicksnJanes is out there, ready for real live listeners. At least I think it is - it works for me, but I'm sure there are still glitches here and there. So let me know eh - the one thing I need now, more than anything else (okay, besides a new head), is a comment from a human who actually listened to one of these...

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Dicks&janes Podcast#5

Holy shit!! Already up to FIVE now! Unfortunately, as of yet, no one's heard any of them except me, but hey, the day is coming, so stay tuned. This one features more half drunken ramblings from a lazy self-indulgent man still happily trying to figure out who he is, was and will be, held together with more great songs you'd never guess were coming, unless you read the notes below.

Audrey's Dance - Twin Peaks soundtrack (background)
Mile End - Pulp - Trainspotting soundtrack
Can't Help Lovin Dat Man - Showboat soundtrack
3 Days in May - Blue Rodeo - O Canada
Freddie Freeloader - Miles Davis - Kind of Blue (background)
Crying Song - Pink Floyd - More soundtrack
Walking in Space - Hair soundtrack

Monday, May 02, 2005

Upwards & Onwards!

Can't believe the progress that's being made! You wouldn't know it, as there are still no published disks&janes podcasts, but hey, I've learned how to cut out nasty bits using Audicity, have blogger ast least partially figured out, stole - I mean borrrowed - podcast info blurbs from Bob&AJ and Kobe Beef, got feedburner all ready to go - and now all that's missing - I think - is a site to host my mp3's! If all goes well, we'll be up before I leave for Japan May 30!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Dicks&Janes Podcast#4

Yup, number 4 - but still in practice mode. Off to a drunken start, and deteriorates from there. An attempt to reach out, explaining the origins of Dicks & Janes, what it's like to be born a boomer, some whining about how hard it is to be yourself no matter what your age, and a ridiculous range of music moving from cowboy to Indian.

Featured tunes from the Scarborough Dude's Collection:

Into The Night - Angelo Badalamenti (Twin Peaks Soundtrack) (background only)
Mr. Jones- Talking Heads (Naked)
Visions of Johanna - Bob Dylan (Blonde on Blonde) (background only)
My Pony Won't Go - Gordon Lightfoot (Old Dan's Records)
Tumbling Tumbleweeds- Roy Rogers (Best of Roy Rogers)
Love To You - The Beatles (Revolver)
The Story of My Life - Marty Robbins (#1 Hits)
Which Way Does The River Run - Lenny Gallant (Here & Now)