Saturday, May 14, 2005

Dicks&Janes Podcast#6

Smokin! This is really for real now - putting up the blurb AND PODCAST at the same dam time! I even have real listeners now - two of them! And who knows, there may even be more of you out there. So anyway, have a listen, and send in some feedback eh. Number 7 comin up... BTW, the listening experience, with this and the other podcasts, is MUCH better with headphones - and preferably away from your computer.

The tunes you'll hear...
Deep Blue Day - Brian Eno - Trainspotting (background)
The Dreaming Dead - Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter - Uncut Americana 2004
Spiritual - Pat Methany/Charlie Haden - (background)
Moonlight Gambler- Frankie Laine - Country Greats
I'm Waiting For The Man - Velvet Underground - The Best of...
Static On The Radio - Jim White - Uncut Americana 2004
Nights At The Turntable - Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker - The Best of... (background)


robb said...

Hey Ken

I'm just listening to the windup of your latest podcast - excellent idea and most enjoyable! As I haven't spoken to you "live" since 1984, it is wonderful just to hear your voice and to know that you haven't turned into a boring old bastard (yet)...

I think I will now download the earlier episode - there were hints of drug use in there that may implicate innocent people....hey,as Bill Clinton put it, I never inhaled!!

robb said...

Hi again...I can't seem to edit my comment mistakes, so....I meant to type 1994 instead of 1984...what's ten years between friends anyway?

Curently on podcast #4 - just finished listening to Roy Rodgers which has somehow given way to a bunch of Beatles sitar music....interesting choices of music here in a big way!

Was also interested to see that you were into Jim White - I bought his first album (Wrong eyed Jesus) here in Singapore for 99 cents! The liner notes were incredible, as were the songs, esp. one called "A great day for chasing tornadoes"...

Keep up the good work Ken - here's a suggestion: do a section on Takemi's, Jimmy, early days (including Patrick, etc...) - that would be a great one in terms of craziness, humour and living life to the fullest!

Scarborough Dude said...

Your feedback is encouraging robb, thanks. Ya, I may introduce a few 'regular features' including one on bars, and for sure Takemi's gets the place of honour.

Stay tuned... Hope to have #7 up by the weekend...

Anonymous said...

I loved that Moonlight Gambler.
I haven't heard it from that day (the 60's? the 50's?) until now.

I also liked Which Way Does the River Flow? from an earlier cast.

Sometimes I think it's you singing, no matter who it is, actually.

I've heard most of your casts, and I do just feel as if you are in the room, talking (or singing).