Sunday, March 12, 2006

Dicks & Janes Podcast #51 - Friendship & Little India

Another one out the door - no hitches, except for some confusion on where the Pensinsula War of 1812 was fought.

A Singer Must Die - The Fatima Mansions - I'm Your Fan: The Songs Of Leonard Cohen
Mad Dogs And Englishmen - Danny Kaye - Ballin' The Jack


A Different Bullet said...

Hey Scarborough Dude,

I've been listening to your show since the mid 40's range - I absolutely love it. The stories you tell, the really interesting music choices, etc. Great show! I know you said you'd be ending the show at 60, and though that will be a sad day for me, I'll still have a lot of back episodes to go through. :) Thanks for putting together an amazing show, you'll always have fan in me.

(from the A Different Bullet podcast)

p.s. I'm from Scarborough too!

Scarborough Dude said...

Hey Michelle! Mighty kind words!! That just makes me feel so dam good! Scarborough eh!? That's a real surprise - a listener within hearing distance!!

BTW, I just searched out your show, and have downloaded a few episodes abd will listen this weekend - nice way to get to know someone...

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this podcast a great deal - I go down to Little India fairly often and have always been intrigued by the paan but never knew what to do with them - they sound worth a try.

I really like going down there on a mid-summer night - that part of the city really wakes up then with all of the snack vendors outside the paan shops, music, and people out walking. I'm with you - it's experiences like that that are really what living here's all about and why I doubt I'll leave anytime soon.

On the subject of incredibly cheap food - if you're ever down there on a Tuesday, check out Narula's - their vegetarian thali is $2.25 then and is quite good.

Anonymous said...

I have a whole lot of comments on this one, since I am Indian. But I haven't heard the whole thing yet. My iPod's battery died last night. S.dude, Ive been falling behind on my podcast listening, because I've been so busy with German classes and getting fit. You know something, Adam Curry from the Daily Source Code and Annik Rubens from the Schlaflos in M√ľnchen podcast have both played audio feedback from me and I haven't gotten down to hearing it yet! So, you can imagine how stupidly, irritatingly busy I've been. Yesterday night, I decided to listen to DNJ51 and you went into little India and all, I was so excited I couldn't sleep after that! And couldn't charge my iPod either since I didn't want to risk waking my mother up :-) I think it's so darned cool that you're eating paan in Canada - just amazing! Except you can get the same shit here for like a 10th of a dollar - like 3 rs. haha! You really made me feel happy to be an Indian. I dunno why. I've only eaten paan once in my life, but when I heard the Canadian wind blowing and the loud hindi music I hear so often playing, I was just so happy. Thanks man, you REALLY made my day. I'm gonna listen to the rest of it now. Please don't ever give up podcasting - you're spreading joy man, literally.