Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Promo for Tod

Listen here, pal!

Here's the DicksnJanes promo made for Tod Maffin at his request that's not very likely to ever get played on CBC, but what the hell, you can hear it here eh.

BTW, still in Tokyo, still enjoying every day, every meal, every drink, and podcast #11 is finished but I'm not giving it to you until the weekend, so there.


Anonymous said...

How about something for the odd listener with an IQ above room temperature. Such as the Expo 2005 in Seto, close enough for a day trip from Tokyo. Its all about the environment and sustainable living. Better than another bar tour or more drivel from memory(yawn)lane.

Scarborough Dude said...

Hmmmm, I can't figure out why that 'odd' listener would still be listening? I'm sure his/her time could be much better spent reading up on environmental issues, etc., and searching out other blogs/podcasts on those important topics. But hey, Expo 2005 is still high on my list of 'hope-to-do's' but... ah, you know me, I'll probably just go get drunk somewhere instead.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to discover this so late....but just speaking for myself but I'd prefer to hear all about another bar tour in the wonderful city of Yokohama than about the commercialized behemoth that has become Expo...and i hope i have an IQ above room temperature.