Sunday, June 19, 2005

Dicks&Janes Podcast#13

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Believe it or not, the Scarborough Dude shares the stories of his three encounters with real ghosts on this 13th episode, spirits he met in Alaska, Nigeria and Japan. And to further destroy his credability, he even talks about the time he experienced astral travel in Point St. Charles, but chickened out. Oh ya, and some stuff on fatherhood too.

Is Anybody Out There- Pink Floyd - The Wall
Brilliant Adventure - David Bowie - Hours
Flying - The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour


Scarborough Dude said...

How come I hardly even laugh on the show (except when I'm drunk)? Maybe I need a sidekick?

robb said...

Enjoyed the 'cast' - I think doing "themes" rather than "stream of consciousness" is more interesting. Not always, (hmmm, this is sounding like conscription if necessary, but not necessarily...) but for the majority of each session, with random stuff added on here and there...just my two cents from the peanut gallery!

Anonymous said...

glad you are not my dad... dude... you are shitty... dude...

Anonymous said...

Was notified by a buddy that the 1975 Chilkoot Trail "ghost" story had been blogged. Here's the real truth.
Both Scarborough Boy and myself were royally pissed the night before. Left town with a can of beer in each fist and hitched a ride on the local Skagway garbage truck as described.
But there were no ghosts. Just two exhausted, sleep deprived, extremely dehydrated friends both suffering from a severe case of the DT's. Sure it felt real, as did the ensuing fear, No denying that. But the real explanation is far simpler than portrayed. No ghosts, just too much booze.
By coincidence, recently I was looking at a topographic map of the Chilkoot Trail at MEC. The shack we holed up in to sleep is actually the remnants of a sawmill built in the 1950's. Not from the Gold Rush days of 1898.
Great hike, I recommend it to everyone.

Scarborough Dude said...

Well, I'm pleased to have the 'facts' of the case backed up by Barnacle Bill - we just a different twist on where those visions came from. One thing for sure - whatever caused the hallucinations, it sure scared the hell out of us!

Anonymous said...

Barnacle Bill says..

A-MEN to that, Daddio..

(Incorrectly posted earlier today)

Anonymous said...

Tagish Annie says...

Ghosts in the Lachine. 30 years ago this month the Chilkoot was conquered. Cold mashed potatoes dinner and a bean breakfast.