Thursday, April 28, 2005

Dicks&Janes Podcast#1

Dicks&Janes Podcast #1 - four months in the making, and you wouldn't know it! A complete newbie to the podcast scene, my thanks go out to the pioneers, with a special, thanks to Bob & AJ for setting the barrier low enough for more of us to join in. Some rambling thoughts from a graveyard, leading to an overwhelming question - to podcast or not to podcast?

Featured Tunes from the Scarborough Dude's personal (paid in full) collection:

1-2-5 - The Haunted (an early 60s band from Lachine, Quebec)
For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti - Sufjan Stevens (Uncut, April 2005)
Please Be My Friend - Matthews Southern Comfort
Cookie Jar - Mark Mulcahy (Uncut, March 2005)
Did Ye Get Healed - Van Morrison (Best of Van Morrison)
Warning Sign - Coldplay (visit


Scarborough Dude said...

Hey man, you're getting close! Only thing misssing is the dam podcasts!!

Anonymous said...

I started with the 5th production, it sounds much better than the first. The mic is too strong here, you can hear your breathing.

Anonymous said...

The Haunted
# Bob Burgess (bass, vocals)
# Pierre Faubert (guitar)
# Tim Forsythe (organ)
# Glen Holmes (bass)
# Jurgen Peter (guitar)
# Jim Robertson (lead vocals)
# Peter Symes (drums)
# Allan Birmingham (guitar; replaced Faubert)
# Mason Shea (bass; replaced Holmes)
# Michael St. Germain (bass; replaced Shea)
# Brian Roberts (drums; replaced Symes)
# Dave Wynne (drums; replaced Roberts)
[ BIOGRAPHY | Discography | Links | Photos ]

Assembled by Jurgen Peter in Chateauguy, Quebec in 1963 this instrumental guitar band originally was originally known as The Blue Jays but soon changed their moniker to The Haunted.

The band became popular in Montreal and in early 1966 they won a Dave Boxer 'Battle Of The Bands' contest at the Montreal Forum giving them the first prize of a recording contract with Quality Records.

That year they released two singles, the hit "1-2-5" and its follow-up "I Can Only Give You Everything". Quality Records salesman Don Wayne Patterson started Jet Records in 1967 to release canadian bands I managed and found in places like New Brunswick , Alberta & Ontario and soon scooped up The Haunted.

In due course, they released a full-length album which gained them some prominence in Montreal but nowhere else.

Through a multitude of member changes the band finally collapsed in 1970.

There has been continued interest for this instrumental guitar act and in 1983 Psycho Records even bootlegged the debut album for reissue.

With notes from Don Wayne Patterson of Jet Records

Anonymous said...

great story. I work with Bob Burgess in Ottawa. Nice fella

Scarborough Dude said...

Well M. Anonymous, if it's the same Bob Burgess, tel him his song isn't forgotten. It was on the CBC TV rock special last week too, I heard

Anonymous said...

Good day from Vancouver , BC where I'm on holiday and where 2 of the Haunted live today . Found another of my productions in a Value Village store for $1.99 . A folk singer I booked in Montreal and recorded live in Macdonald College (John Abbott today)- Oscar Brand and his first clean song albums.Its on the old Apex (Decca ) record label in 1969 and was released on Kapp in USA .
Scooped up not really a good description for Haunted history in your blog . I became their manager and helped produce records prior to TransWorld and made the deal after they won the prize with Dave Boxer. The original Haunted were released on Quality records and my label - Jet Records (1967) Canada .
Dave boxer later moved to Vancouver too and opened a smoked meat restaurant . Have a great day . don wayne patterson

Scarborough Dude said...

Thanks Don. I just fiound thios on the Lost in Tyme site:
"The Haunted came out of Montreal, Quebec, with a dirty and scruffy bad boys image. Formed by Jurgen Peter, it has previously been reported that the band formed as an instrumental group called The Blue Jays in late 1963. This is now known to be incorrect, although the band did start out playing instrumentals, with Bob Burgess on bass, The Blue J's were a separate high-school act for whom Jurgen Peter stood in on guitar once for one gig which was broadcast on local radio.

Jurgen Peter:- "In Canada, in the early '60s, there was no such thing as a commercial music industry. The DJ's played only American records and it was common knowledge that they lived off "payola" from the record companies. When we, The Haunted, started to play as a band in the Montreal area, there was no way to get a recording contract, no one to play your records, no booking agency to book us, no large shows and paying gigs to play at, no music magazine or anything like it to promote a local band."

John said...

A part of the Haunted band that I do not hear of is their impressive ability to do Rolling Stone cover songs. They would hit the nail on the head when they played the Stones.