Sunday, April 17, 2005

...and yet, so close

Weird! Somehow managed to get thru all the crap that threatened to destroy this podcast before I even got started, and sure as shit, was able to put some pieces together last night and this morning, digest it all while walking back to Thompson Park, and - Houston- we have Liftoff!! Well not quite, but a hell of a lot closer than I was yesterday - just have to figure out where and how to put it up, that first Dicks&Janes podcast.

And, almost as a sign, on the walk home I tuned in the latest Bob & AJ Show - and guess what - there I was!! That guy from Scarborough - me!! On the Bob & AJ podcast!! Now how cool is that eh! If that ain't a sign to go forward, then man, I can't imagine what more I'd need to get going. Thanks guys!

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