Saturday, October 08, 2011

DicksnJanes Podcast #317: ThanksSteve!

The Scarborough Dude is grateful for what Apple has provided him with, and then bitches a lot.

The Revolution Starts - Steve Earle - This Is Music (Uncut Oct. 2004)
Malaika - Boney M - Boonoonoonoos (Remastered)


Eric (Tip Tap Tip) said...

Welcome to the Z-list!

It's much more fun here. You can say what you want, heckle from the back row, and generally not give a fuck.

Cloverdale Mike said...

Still listening! Happy Thanksgiving, Dude. I think Steve's secret was to let you have the future right now. Article in the local newspaper, probably syndicated everywhere, that Steve designed the computer "from the outside in." People tend to forget how disliked the computer was before the two Steves and Bill put a human smile on the industry. I mean, before that, it was Arnold's face in the first Terminator movie. Ironically, the second movie, a decade later, seemed to say that Terminators were OK, as long as they did what we told them to do. And CGI made really cool liquid metal Terminators, too. I don't think that the computer has made our lives better, just different. Like yourself, I can remember a time before 1980 when gathering information was a lot harder to do ... and a good deal more satisfying as a result. I can't see the leaves changing colour and not think of walking into Main Library at UBC. In the end, I think Gates will be remembered as a humanitarian largely because of what he has chosen to do with his fortune. Theoretically (Moore's Hypothesis), Steve's legacy will have disappeared within a decade. Addenda: Check out the movie "Pirates of Silcon Valley" for a different take on Jobs and Gates.

Norm Augustinus said...

You're an "A Lister" to me.

Scarborough Dude said...

Thanks Norm! If I take your A and Eric's Z and go half way, that'll get me an M, which stands for Middle, which is where I'm most comfortable anyway.

Cloverdale Mike - I love your take on things, and especially the legacy's Jobs won't leave behind and Gates might! You are in many ways a good fill in for our missing Peter. No wonder you guys understood each other. Thank you.

Bob said...

This was too funny!

As someone who hasn't produced a podcast in months, and has no real plans to, you are, and always will be on my A list and welcomed at my table.