Saturday, June 18, 2011

DicksnJanes Podcast #302: thisisus

The Scarborough Dude listens to himself after a toke and thinks this is his best episode ever. (It's probably not)
I Just Wanna Be With You - Chris Rea - Road To Hell
Money Worries - Bedouin Soundclash - Sounding A Mosaic


Anonymous said...

I agree with you when it comes to mandatory "service". It would be nice if more people in this country, and in this world, in fact, learned to respect and value their community. Perhaps, when faced with the opportunity to smash the shit outta something, one may reconsider and remember what it took to build that home or business, plant that tree or heal that wound.
This reminds me of your experience with the broken bench in Bluffer's Park. (I'm gonna say it) Kids these days don't seem to respect the value (monetary or not) of well... anything... most shockingly life let alone material things.
I think that this all boils down to a lack of respect and a sense of entitlement.
Working hard in a community, learning what it takes to keep a city running; or a person alive, or comfortable when dying; developing a sense of self worth as well as a value or understanding of the world and people around oneself would go a long way to creating a better society.
We all seem to be very self centred these days. It is all about us. We need to learn to step out of ourselves and see things from the point of view of another.
I seem to remember some guy with a beard and white robes talking about all of this.... why is this so fucking difficult for people to understand?
I too sir, share in your disgust and disappointment.

But, I also have hope.

Bob said...


55 years ago, there was the Richard riot in Montreal. Ten years before that, they shut down the liquor stores in Halifax on VE day and the town went up in smoke. Two years after Expo 67, Trudeau sent tanks into the streets and domestic terrorists were kidnapping people.

I don't think you're a crotchety old fart yelling "Get off my lawn", and I understand your anger.

But it's always been hopeful, and it's always been shit. And will always be that way.

The best dudes like us can do is to carefully pick through the turds and hope to find a flake of gold. And those flakes of gold shine so beautifully.