Thursday, April 21, 2011

DicksnJanes Podcast #294:STFU!

More of the same; even the Scarborough Dude says Shut The Fuck Up!

If I Didn't Care - The Ink Spots - Greatest Hits
Lindberg - Louise Forestier & Robert Charlebois - Robert Charlebois & Louise Forestier
Blue in Green - Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue
You Set The Scene - Love - Forever Changes
Gilbert & Sullivan: The Gondoliers - New Symphony Orchestra, D'Oyly Carte Opera Chorus - Gilbert & Sullivan Weekend


Junior said...

Ink spots, Miles Davis and Gilbert and Sullivan? Haven't listened to the episode yet, but I KNOW I'm going to love this.

Eric Tip Tap Tip said...

It's kind of funny. The same kind of critical thinking that the Dude described had me end being a conservative. Maybe it was my five years living in Vancouver combined with a healthy dose of cynicism that turned me to the dark side.

If you still like me, I'd still like to have a beer though when ever I do visit Toronto.

Having said that (wink!), I do think that our drug laws are in serious need of reform, Every time the CPC calls for money (and they do a lot), I make a point of letting the person on the other end know that while I support the party, I don't support putting people in jail for growing a plant or two.

I come at it from the perspective that 1) It really is a harmless plant. I've seen mean drunks, never encountered a mean pothead. 2) It's a waste of fucking money 3) It reinforces the strength of drug cartels. Also, Marc Emery being in a US jail is a fucking shame.

My friends understand my politics because I don't come off as a dick, I'm open-minded and don't tow the party line on all issues.

I totally dug the Robert Charlebois/Louise Forestier track. Check out this killer compilation of 1960's French psychedelia.

Kenneth said...

DUDE! I love that "If I didn't care" song. I'm relistening to STFU and when I heard that song again I had to share it with my girlfriend. Also it's been a while since a Gapage or Having Said That's come out... I feel deprived.

Carry on!

Scarborough Dude said...

Kenneth - back in those heady hippie dippy daze my friend used to put on his mothers old Ink Spots LPs, and we loved them! So different from anything else we listened to. Glad you liked it!

BTW, new Having Said That up now...