Friday, April 01, 2011

DicksnJanes Podcast #291: sellout

The Scarborough Dude eats fish, talks teaching and hears from Dork again.

Camaro - Kings Of Leon - Because Of The Times
Wild Wild Life - Talking Heads - True Stories
What A Piece Of Work Is Man - Various Artists - Hair (soundtrack)


Anonymous said...

Excellent show Mr."Dude"....enjoyed it very much. You are clearly "in the groove" nowadays and I am pleased to see you in such good form.
I identified with your dilemma concerning how to properly 'dispose' of your stuff. Perhaps George Carlin can offer a useful insight into the questions of why we stay "stuff" obsessed for such a large part of our lives...


Scarborough Dude said...

As always Rob, (aka Singapore Sam) comments much appreciated. Indeed I am back in the groove! Physically a wreck, I'm sure, but mentally on top of the world, and just wise enuf to know it.

Sitting in my office now (my 9 am start to mark looking more like 1 pm), and still thinking my 'sellout' idea is still a good one. Just have to convince 30 or 40 people to buy into my dream. No hurry, I'll let this one steep for a spell...