Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DicksnJanes Podcast #281: moneymoney

The Scarborough Dude talks about doing the right thing, KATG, Adam Curry, Podcamp Toronto and money.

Paper Sun - Traffic - Traffic Gold
Stratusphunk - Gil Evans - Out of the Cool

Be sure to read Julian's In Over Your Head and in particular, The Short and Sweet Guide to Being Fucking Awesome!

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Keith McNally said...

Nice episode, and I've taken you off the KATG suicide bombing list! That's good, because I was the one who was set to carry out the bombing, and then I'd be dead.

One thing that's interesting about KATG is how long they resisted donations. People would ask about making recurring monthly donations, and Keith & Chemda turned them down, because they wanted the show to remain free.

But eventually, when enough people want to help you, and would feel better about themselves knowing they're supporting a show that's a daily part of their lives, then what's the benefit in refusing them?

I do think podcasting with the goal of making money is a bad reason to start. But as the snowball keeps growing, there's a point where it just makes sense, and helps the show keep expanding.

The next step are guys like Penny Arcade, the web cartoonists. They accepted donations for a couple of years, but once their business model stabilized they didn't need donations anymore and stopped taking them. However, they're a thousand times bigger than KATG. I don't know if any podcast has gotten that big yet, but maybe someday. Maybe a show called... The Vinyl Countdown... nah, probably not.