Sunday, October 10, 2010

DicksnJanes Podcast #267: givingthanks

The Scarborough Dude wishes John Lennon was still here with us.

I'm Only Sleeping - Neal Casal - Mojo - Revolver Reloaded
Love You To - Sukilove - Mojo - Revolver Reloaded
I’m Losing You - Corinne Bailey Rae - Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign To Save Darfur

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Junior said...

As I tweeted to you, I think you're off base on the "cop cars left to burn (presumably) to justify police presence" business.

I think it was pretty clear that when the $hit started to go down, the cops played it conservative and protected their main strategic objective: the perimeter of that fence. They were not about to have their forces drawn away from any point on that perimeter by the distractions of broken windows and burning cars.

The problem with that conspiracy theory, in my opinion, is that it provokes a discussion that masks or cloaks the real problem with the G-20 summit. The outrage should be about the feds' decision to summarily exclude Torontonians from and enormous area in the core of their city. That is a significant suspension of civil liberties that has gone almost unremarked upon. It is there that the wrong begins, and (IMHO) every problem experienced at the summit thereafter can be traced to the stupid idea of trying to hold such a summit smack dab in the middle of the most populous part of the largest city in Canada. Dumb, and outrageous.

I would be happy to chat with you about it sometime over a beer, though!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Dude.
Have fun at the Imperial on Tuesday. I don't think that I will be able to make it and I know that I will surely regret it... or is it I'm gonna regret it ;) I hope you can make it to John's photowalk in Kleinberg next weekend.
Re: books and libraries. I read books but for some reason tend to buy my books instead of borrow them from the library. I guess it must be the pressure to read them in time to return.. though buying gives me an excuse to dally through the book at my leisure thus taking forever to finish some.

Scarborough Dude said...

On 18-Sep-10, at 9:25 AM, jane glanville wrote:

Sorry i didn't inform you about our traveling, we presently in Madrid,Spain stranded.Got Mugged last night at a gun point all cash, credit card,cell phone and valuable things where stolen away from us during the Robbery I will like you to assist us with the sum of 2,000euro.we need to sort out the hotel bills and get ourselves back home. we will appreciate whatever you can afford, i promise to pay back as soon as i return, Please let me know if you can help...

Reply asap

Dear Jane,

I am so sorry to hear of your great misfortune! That's terrible. I can only assume by now that you have all this sorted out and were able to recover passports, etc. Really though, you should have told us you were heading to Spain. I certainly would have advised against it.

Jane, I am somewhat concerned by all the grammatical errors in your message. Am I right in assuming that you were under so much duress at the time that your mind simply turned to mush? It almost sounded- and forgive me for saying this - that you were not even a native speaker of English! In fact, for a moment I thought this might have even been one of those internet scams I've heard so much about. Heaven forbid any friend/relative/acquaintance/co-worker/complete stranger would try to dupe me!

I trust all is well once again, and that I will not be hearing any further takes of woe from you.

Any name here

Transpondency Podcast Network said...

A few thoughts about books and such...

The modern experience of "books" implies multiple levels of involvement. Popular literature has become a sporting event. For example, the Twilight series: are you team "Edward" or team "Jacob"?

A novel's success relies on how well its content shifts between media. From Michael Criton to J.K. Rowling, books are predestined for big screen adaptation. While literature has always feed the movie industry, this relationship is now the imperative impetus for writers of the 21st century. Comic books, graphic novels, Japanese manga expressed this cinematic-literal relationship. Their current prominence in our culture is a inevitable evolution. (sidenote: I was never into comic books growing up)

Personally, I've always been impatient with narrative. These days I could give a shit for fictitious characters that follow a twisting story arc to a tidy conclusion. I'm most interested in novels that inspire personal epiphanies or wandering flutters of imagination. I rarely finish reading an entire book. If I desire full completion of a story I'll listen to the audiobook. Maybe it's a self-centered approach but I mainly read to understand myself better rather than be a voyeur into another person's point of view. I wonder if that is the difference between generations?