Sunday, October 03, 2010

DicksnJanes Podcast #266: goodguy

The Scarborough Dude tries to stick to one topic, but can't.

Piss Up A Rope - Ween - 12 Golden Country Greats
Darling Nikki - Foo Fighters - One By One Website

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Richard Bunky Bell said...

A very nice new template. I like it very much. It suits the DicksNJanes podcast perfectly.

eb said...

wow, massive anger. have you tried some cardio? i recommend it. yes, the world is effed up, but i find regular cardio makes it easier to deal.

and i have zero love for cops. (we live in vastly different cities. that could be the reason.)

Scarborough Dude said...

EB - that was my cardio workout! The ranting & raging cleansed my system - I felt better afterwards. But yes for sure - I need more real body type exercise- seriously. Just can't seem to get myself going on it.

As for the police, I still maintain in any group, anywhere, there is good with bad. Unless we're talking about a small town entirely corrupted police force. I also think all so called professions have been lowering their standards over the years, sadly. Teaching, for example.

Richard Bunky Bell said...

About the Go thing.
I understand your loathing of their advertising. Using sex or even dance to sell anything is as base as you can go in advertising.
People like myself and perhaps maybe you as well have a fear of moving forward as it applies to technical issues.
For example moving a blogspot to a .com domain.
My self-confidence tells me that I'm not qualified to handle building my own web-site. I don't have the mental tools or the technical savvy to do it. I am a stranger nervously knocking at the door of the Web-masters kingdom.. Who the hell do I think I am?

The Go Daddy adverts are designed to put your mind at ease and help you to understand that it's ok. Establishing your own dot com and building your own website is not nearly as hard as you've built it up in your mind. You can do it.

The ads worked on me. I was fearful but because of the ads I jumped in and now I administer 3 dot coms.
None of my dot coms have ads or make money. Like you I'm not in for the money.

The significance of the content for the dot coms is irrelevant.
I gained knowledge and experience in moving forward with Go Daddy and that's never a bad thing.

So for me the Go Daddy ads worked, but I understand your abhorrence to that kind of advertising and what you feel it represents.

At least that's my point of view.

Anonymous said...

Love the new look...and when I looked at the larger version of the image for this episode, I immediately thought of an Alex Colville image. So, I had a look around, and voila, check out the colour similiarities:
Enjoyed the're back in the saddle Dude!!

Junior said...

You are a good guy. Even if you're irrationally prejudiced against lawyers!

Thanks for another thought-provoking listen.

Christine said...

This is a crazy "Beef" that was recently published in one of our local newspapers (BTW - not the one where I work :))
What a thought that we share the same air with these crazies!!!....

"Beefs to the people who wash their hands and, in the process, kill thousands of living creatures that are, on a cellular level, identical to us. Who is to say that bacterium has no right to live a happy life just as rabbits, deer, or you and me? It was here first."

- This article ran the same week you were speaking of the hand washing... I found it coincidental and amusing. Keep up the good work and great podcast! I love it! Cheers and hoots to you!

on Vancouver Island

Christine said...

.. sorry about the deleted comment.. it was a copy of the next one.. :P

This is just a kudos and thank you for the Foo Fighters "Niki"! Awesome band and one of the longest and best concerts I've ever been to. They played for over 2.5 hours in Vancouver. As always, your choice of music falls right in line with my mood.. luvluv.