Saturday, May 15, 2010

DicksnJanes Podcast #247: TheCeeps!

The Scarborough Dude calls Canadians cowards and reflects back on Podcamp London.

Mary Jane's Last Dance - Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Greatest Hits
Oxygen - Willy Mason - Where The Humans Eat
Buckets Of Rain - Bob Dylan - Blood On The Tracks


Anthony Marco said...

re: going all political with the Mark Emery decision.

I appreciated the outrage and think that podcasters shouldn't be avoiding politics. I would rather listen to a podcaster, whose voice I trust, tackle a topic than some celebrity shill. Not to say you're not a celebrity of course... just remember all of us little people when the red carpet comes calling.

Quietloft said...

Only part way through, but I'll chime in and agree with Anthony as well: if you feel the outrage, I think you should share that with your listeners. And I don't think you have to qualify it as 'venting', since that suggests that after you've had your rant, you'll be fine and the outrage will have passed, which having listened to your podcast for a while now, I'm fairly certain that that isn't the case.

So rage on!

Unknown said...

After I finished listening to your latest episode, I was thinking about your bit about people being seduced by toys, not really caring about anything but themselves etc. Then I saw a tweet from someone saying "I guess Greece will be wallet-friendly this summer"; in other words, the only importance the economic crisis had for this person was the chance at a cut-rate vacation. What a case in point :-(

Scarborough Dude said...

... and that same day I heard on Six Pixels of Separation about young ladies who go on shopping sprees and then put up videos of them unpacking the bags of all the beautiful things they bought and want to show off - this seems wrong on almost a biblical scale.

TahitiBoy said...

As usual, yet another superb podcast!

As somebody who lived abroad, I was curious if you had any podcasts with stories about life in Japan?

I recently fell in love with a documentary called Japan: A Story of Love & Hate. Here's one of the segments, all of which can be found on Youtube.

This guy, from what I understand, is an anomaly in Japan, for expressing himself.

Again, thanks for sharing your life with us, I look forward to your weekly installments. So many times I find myself just wishing
I could join in a conversation with you.

Unknown said...

An outstanding episode Dude. I agree with Anthony about the outrage. WHile I knew Marc Emery (tangentially) in London, and thought him a dick, I still think he is getting a raw deal. I am really concerned about the rise in influence of the religious right, wait check that, the rise in the influence of religion in general and its influence on politics in our country. I also enjoyed 'here's my business card I'm on Linkedin, can i have a job' 'well fuck you'. I do tire of the marketers etc. I wish all (or almost all, some are cool) of them would leave the social media world. Of course putting a genie back in a bottle is near impossible. I just hope we all can keep producing independent stuff and keep the feeling of 2004-2005 going.

Quietloft said...

agree, agree, agree

re: religion, I think that most Canadians do not remember what it was like to have religion and state intertwined, where the religious beliefs of someone else determined what was or wasn't acceptable behavior.

We are also undermined by the norms of our politically-correct society that require that we tolerate the intolerant beliefs and behaviours of these religions. Post of our political discourse around this is empty, existing in an oversimplified world of black-and-white, when in fact the reality is far more complex and grey. At one time there was a hope that new media would facilitate this discussion, but we seem to be too busy "liking" things these days to engage in authentic conversations. An opportunity for podcasting?

re: podcamps, I have a bigger problem with them expanding to include 'social media'. If you want to have a social media event, have one. But don't call it a podcamp. If the majority of your sessions are dedicated to topics other them podcasting, calling it a podcamp is misleading at best. I'll take an event that is 50% commercial podcasting and 50% amateur podcasting over one that is 80% social media, 15% commercial podcasting, and 5% amateur podcasting any day.

MMD said...

It's not that we are cowardly its just that they just don't care. As for Mark it's the Harper government that bent over backwards to extradite him. Harper has very Bush like policies and stances on issues (but can play politics far better).

That being said People don't want a majority government either (as we have proven twice). I think we should FORCE the parties to work together instead of all this proroguing nonsense. And perhaps take a look at our electoral process.