Saturday, April 17, 2010

DicksnJanes Podcast #242: whoru?

The Scarborough Dude takes umbrage at self-identification in the name of diversity. And some other stuff.

Listen To The Lion - Van Morrison - Saint Dominic's Preview
All I Really Want To Do - Bob Dylan - Another Side Of Bob Dylan
Let's Stick Together - Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music - The Best Of Bryan Ferry + Roxy Music
People Are People - Depeche Mode - The Best Of Volume 1

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Scarborough Dude said...

If I post a comment here it'll show up on my blog above the one where Gary says the previous blog photo was too scary- but if YOU post something it'll replace this one, and on it goes - but hey, don't feel intimidated just cuz everyone who passes by this blog is gonna read it - like just say what you wanna say and don't worry about it - I mean it doesn't really matter a lot one way or the other - it's like a game, except I'd rather you meant what you wrote okay?