Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DicksnJanes #219: nice2meetU

The Scarborough Dude reintroduces himself - and not much more.

Flag Station Fireball - Terry Tufts
Riders in the Sky - The Sons Of The Pioneers - Twenty-Four Gunfighter Ballads
The Golden Rocket - Hank Snow - The Best Of Hank Snow
Girl From The North Country - Bob Dylan With Johnny Cash - Nashville Skyline

Photo courtesy of Eva Blue


Inundator said...

"Somebody that I don't know that I know..."

Well, we've interacted just a couple of times.

You mentioned an e-mail I sent to you on episode 75. And I actually appeared on the Dicksnjanes podcast Episode 92 (25:43) reading that very e-mail.

Back then I lived in Chicago. Two years ago I moved to Tokyo and am currently doing a stint in the eikaiwa mines.

I think I left a comment on your blog before your last trip to Tokyo in an effort to hook up for a beer. My timing was bad because you were here and gone before we could coordinate. Maybe next time.

A New Day... said...

I especially love the part where if the sun is shining, go out and enjoy it. I agree. Your life to me is refreshing my friend and I'm always happy to hear about it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

Your post on my wall was good timing, probably about the time you wrote I was contemplating a phone call to you. Of course that was after listening to your latest podcast (more on that later) and my 4 Heinekens & several glasses of wine to wash down my bbq chicken & salad which I had for dinner.

Apart from my continuing medical misadventures I appear to be in a particularly boring phase of my life, not that I have a lot of spare time, actually don't know where my time goes. The next time I go see my vets I'm tempted to ask for a frequent visitor discount! If you're interested my latest ailment was a ruptured Epidermoid cyst on the back of my neck which was more or less removed by minor surgery. I go back a week from Thursday to have some more skin removed by laser on my back, this Thursday is just the normal visit with the diabetic specialist, cardiologist & spinal/pain control specialist, just for good measure I will also see an eye specialist plus of course the several pints of blood sucked out. So apart from that I'm in perfectly healthy, hale & hardy!

Last evening listened to #219, which incidentally takes about 4 or 5 beers and an equal number of cigarettes, from start to finish. As with all your productions you manage to raise several my full spectrum of emotions from chuckles to what a load of crap from an egoistical idiot. Especially enjoyed the country music played. I have been gravitating to country music for several years now and am a firm believer that it is the predecessor to modern rock and roll. I had this discussion with Chris W. many years ago who of course had the complete opposite opinion. To prove this theory one only has to listen to some Jerry Lee Lewis from his early songs to the more modern ones. Anyway the music was great, opening was great (a fantastic intro as I've previously commented on) All in all it was very good EXCEPT for your interpretation & what I would consider a revisionist history of the now defunct newsletter! From your albeit very brief comments the average listener would innocently assume that you were the one and only contributor to it. Not quite the truth, which I'm sure you would agree.
As I recall the history the newsletter was hatched over dinner in the Rooster's Quarters (no pun intended) between you, me & Baird. if my memory continues to work properly then the details were more or less finalized at my apt on Pendrell Towers. For probably the first half of its life the newsletter was collated from our readers (mostly extracts from letters, remember this was before the days of email etc) and other amateur bits & pieces contributed. When you eventually started production I will admit they had a far more professional look, the difference between simple word processors & "Adobe Pagemaker?". Plus due to your lack of good time management & control the issues fell out of sync and way behind, this is what prompted moi to produce the famous Ketchup Outlaw issue. I think the natural death that it died was an aging readership plus a new technology called the internet. Being the pack rat (no offense intended) that you most likely have a copy of each one from the crude first one to the last on sent as a PDF file via email. I would be interested as to how long the press run was.

On a somewhat similar topic what was the Mike Hiles sequence for consuming St-Hubert Chicken? I shall leave you to ponder this weighty issue of life and bid goodbye for now.

Cheers & beers
aka the Barstool Buddha

PS Did you ever get the 3G iPhone?

Kenneth said...

I love that coat, it's beautiful! Is that the happycoat that you got after your father passed away?


Scarborough Dude said...

Thanks Kenneth4 - that reminds me, I never posted my Podcamp Montreal presentation during which I mentioned where the happy coat came from. I was helping at a Japan related function and when it was time to return them I chose not to. My other one is red, from Japan Airlines, which was given to me when I was bumped up to 1st class on a 747 flying back for my dad's funeral.