Sunday, February 08, 2009

DicksnJanes #186: fathersonlunch

The Scarborough Dude has lunch with his son. They talk.

Drinking In Gomorrah - TransGlobal Underground - Impossible Broadcasting
(courtesy of Todd Tyrtle)

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Anonymous said...

Hats off to you, Dude! I've been a long time listener from Vancouver Island and always appreciate your take on life. Your ability to relate to your 19 year old son so effortlessly, should be congratulated. Keep up the great podcast, I look forward to it each week and very much agree with your views. Have a toke, sit back and relax, you are doing a fine job at life!
Cheers from one who enjoys a fine draft beer to another!
Your faithful listener,

Scarborough Dude said...

Christine! Things like this just make my day!! Such a delight to hear from you - a total surprise, and it's just so encouraging. Lately I've been feeling a little off the mark with my podcasting, wondering if it's still of any interest. A very timely reply - thank you. I almost cried at first reading - but smiled instead. Still smiling now...