Wednesday, July 04, 2007

DicksnJanes #110: WhozOn1st

Ken wimps out and hands the show back to the Scarborough Dude, allowing Prick to get his foot in the door again.

Feeling Flat in Scarborough - John Meadows
Blow Mr. Dexter - Dexter Gordon - Best Of Just Jazz
Time of Your Life - Green Day - Nimrod


MMD said...

Man that first song is awesome. I don't get all the references (I think it's because I just joined the show at the PAB recap shows). Sorry if this seems rude but the intro sounds like a k-tel commercial. You know the ones where the host is sitting and reading and then all of a sudden "hey I didn't see you there"...but I like it.

Scarborough Dude said...

Welcome to the corny old world of the Scarborough Dude Damien! No two episodes ever quite the same. I took down the first 100 shows, but you still have time to go back and explore Japan with me if you're interested. Comments of any kind always welcome - there ain't nothing too rude for the dude!

MMD said...

I already downloaded the Japan episodes(that might be an important set of shows if you want more listeners i.e. everyone loves japan talk it seems). When I get into a podcast I try and download as many as I can. Get a full impression of the show before I decide.

As for politics Dude say what you need to say. Everyone talks about politics at some level (and it's the ones that are apolitical in real life that I am weary of).

Finally as for the Queen thing I think the royal family has more relevance for the older generations then say my generation. I personally don't get the importance.

Anonymous said...

Loved the show, but then I guess I'm biased :). At the end I was laughing so hard I thought something was going to break! (or require clean-up afterwards).

medazzaland said...

Yo Dude.

Just wanted to tell you that I'm still here listening and enjoying.

BUT if I hear you apologize again for enjoying Norm Augustinus I will come up there and kick your Canadian ass.
It was a couple shows back but I've been meaning to drop you a note about Norm.

I'm glad PAB went so well.

Happy Canada Day!


Scarborough Dude said...

Thanks Tim - very glad to know you're still out there in listenerland (as am I with yours, of course!)!

BTW, it was Ken who was apologizing for liking Norm - and on today's show he got fired - no more Mr. Nice Guy! Happy Independence Day!