Thursday, June 14, 2007

DicksnJanes #107: Unexpletived

A boring guest host fills in for the Scarborough Dude this week. Warning: No foul language!

All from The Top Ten Collection: The Late '40s
Sentimental Journey - Les Brown & His Orchestra Feat. Doris Day
Linda - Ray Noble With Buddy Clark
Chickery Chick - Sammy Kaye/Nancy Norman/Billy Williams and The Kaye Choir
Don't Fence Me In - Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters


Transpondency Podcast Network said...

I watched the documentary "The US vs. John Lennon" yesterday. John's expression of peace and love was so genuine it threatened to expose the government's hypocrasy. That's why free speech is so dangerous. The truth is always right there in front of us, we just might not notice it. There's are those who try to keep us distracted, confuse us, or makes us doubt what we preceive is the truth. And then there are those who are jumping up and down, pointing and yelling, making a foolish spectacle of themselves all in the effort to make you aware of what is plain as day. The elephant in the room. If we pretend its not really there, then who is blamed for the soiled carpet? Maybe this time it'll be you. "No it was the elephant!" you claim as they banish you out the door. "Don't pin your crimes on some figment of your imagination" they retort. The elephant goes on to make ruin of the household. Are we too proud to admit the truth? Are we afraid of what questions would arise? Like, how did an elephant get inside our home in the first place? Did Janey leave the pantry door unlatched again? Are we so worried about how the truth would reflect upon ourselves that we would let such a large mammal run a muck without challenge? I dare say , the world would be a much nicer place if we would just acknowledge what's under our noses rather than cutting it off to spite our faces. One genuine smile from a grumpy old codger is warmer than all of the fake smirks from the jolliest of Rogers.

Anonymous said...

I can't follow that but I did like Ken's singing donkey!

Scarborough Dude said...

Thanks Lizzy! I got a little carried away there - thinking about Pancho the Donkey took me right back to my early childhood - I wanted to stay longer, but I coudn't remember any more of the words.
Hee haw, hee haw, hee haw...

MMD said...

It was interesting to hear your opinion on generation Y. I personally belong to said generation and I can see some of your concern as to what happened to some of us. Certainly it can be said that there is a lack of respect but, I feel its from our disillusion with the world/ society ( a lot of it is pushed on us with the sensationalist media). This is especially true when you look at the fact that we as a generation is bombarded with a lot more information (thanks to technology) which generally tends to breed cynicism and crabbiness.