Saturday, March 03, 2007

DicksnJanes #91: Caring and Sharing

The Scarborough Dude reflects on life (as usual), mouths off about podcast etiquette, and fills up another hour of our time.

Glass, Concrete & Stone - David Byrne - Nonesuch Collection
Cantaloop - Us3 - MTV Buzz Bin
Creep - Radiohead - Pablo Honey

The Hollywood Podcast
Chris Brogan


Scarborough Dude said...

Find the Real You

It’s about who knows you
not who you know…
we are intrinsically connected
would you like to sit next to you
at dinner?
the more you give
the more you receive
magic happens
connecting - all over
real power - we have it
Be you, because others are already taken

we all have a need to feel together
to feel connected
bringing who you are to a higher level
don’t just add friends - make friends
Go Daddy!
Google knows

Listen to your kids!
It’s not the virtual world versus the real world
It’s THE world!
Stumble upon feedburner, whuufie?
Fuck Perfection!
if you’re not putting out truth
you can’t make it!
We should all be treasuring this opportunity
develop an attitude of giving
you have a responsibility!
It’s not an issue of money
it’s an issue of relationships
Blip, Vlog - learn from your mistakes
But MAKE those mistakes
and if it doesn't come naturally for us
we don’t do it
Keeping it real!

Mitch, Mark, Bob, Chris, Julien, Casey, Rudy

Phog Blog said...

Dude, the poem is awesome...and I thought the same thing as many listeners, when I hoped you'd post the poem somewhere on the blog.

Totally agree with you on the social media part of podcasting.
Leaving messages for the sake of leaving them is bunk. Hoping someone will see MY podcast name, from my post, instead of posting a comment because I have actually been touched by your content...the idea of it burns me.

Love your audio action, Dude.

Transpondency Podcast Network said...

Crazy Uncle,

thanks for sending an audio comment to Suburban Transpondency. Sincerity in commenting is so important in social media. When you put so much heart and soul into your podcast, a comment recieved for the obvious purpose of self-promotion feels like you're being exploited and damages the relationships you try to foster. You're just a entry on someone's email list; its always spam in a way. Personally, I find it difficult to communicate with podcasts I love b/c I don't want to give the impression I'm marketting my own show. Like wise with podcasts I may not subscribe to but respect and admire. Actually, if I think about it, I really feel anxious about revealing to anyone that I do a podcast. I'm much more confortable indirect promotion such as having a myspace page. But hey, that's my own disfunctional issues.

When I was a teenager I used to record songs, like Cataloop and Creep, off the radio. I'd go off on my own, in a brooding sort of way, and contemplate the universe. Hearing them now reminds me of how little I've changed since then. From a cassette walkman to an iPod, isn't it all just reinventing the wheel?


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I'm not Bruce Murray, but I still love the show and I'm very picky about what podcasts I listen to. (BTW, appreciate both the photos and the sincerity).

Anonymous said...

once again, didn't get much time to chat with you at podcamp, which is too bad, but next time at the pub, I'll buy you a pint which should guarantee a few minutes...

Anonymous said...

Come on! Quiz me!! I dare you!! I'm no faker. I'm listening and loving. Thanks for mentioning me and playing a snippet.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dude:
Just enjoying #91. You mentioned the skyline view of Toronto. I came across this and thought I'd share it with you:

Perhaps I'm a bit homesick.
Looking forward to chatting over some pints at PAB.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dude,

Listening again after little break.
Glad to hear you again mate.

Loving it as always, and really enjoyed the tunes on this one.

Hope to see you at PAB in June!