Sunday, February 05, 2006

Dicks & Janes Podcast #46 - Now's the time

The Scarborough Dude takes forever to get to now. And then he's happy.

One Liners - W.C. Fields
Blues & Haikus - Jack Kerouac
Railroad Bill - New Christie Minstrels
Get Rhythm - Johnny Cash

Special Thanks to:

  • Chris & Vinny from Kaflooey

  • Mark & Bob from Canadian Podcast Buffet

  • Ted from Island Podcasting

  • Krash from the Oka-Zoo

    meagrebones said...

    Enjoyed the show again, thanks. Just don't let the celebrety go to your head. You may not be able to keep up with the rock'n'roll lifestyle of like those guys from Chub Creek with their wild all night knitting parties. By the way, stop reading my mind, it's creepy.

    Anonymous said...

    That's funny Graeme, my thoughts exactly. And for the Scarborough Dude, thanks for the excellent kind words on this show. Another to burn to cd to listen to in the crazy moments of yet another, but short lived mornings waiting to start work. Keep up the great work as always, I'm happy you are feeling so good about the comments you have been getting. You absolutely deserve it!

    Daryl Cognito said...

    Finally a reason to like mondays. Another great show thanx

    Smaran said...

    Hey S.dude,
    if I reach your age, I'll be lucky, just like the rest of us. There's so much shit going on in the world, you just don't know. (fu foo to the people that have a problem with me saying shit!)
    And you don't know if you're going to be dead. They could have invented a machine to keep people alive forever or at least longer by then. I don't know....

    Talking about Enron, they screwed up big-time here in India. Thanks to their half-built plant, I have no electricity 3 hours a day, I don't know the exact details, but they were supposed to build a plant and then there were problems and now my entire state (except bombay ofcourse) suffers everyday thanks to those *********************** *** ** ** *************** *** ** ** *****!

    Great episode S.dude, as I always say: "keep it up"...

    Anonymous said...

    Excellent episode as usual - and I totally get it about the pregnant teenager comment. That sort of thing really can colour your day. It is really hard to know how to help fix that sort of thing. After all, it really seems to be fatherless boys - "rogue males" if you will, who are shooting up this town thanks to the fact that the closest thing many teenage boys have to a family is a gang. Very sad.

    On a somewhat related note - strollers on transit annoy the crap out of me. It really would make so much more sense if parents (those that are physically capable anyway which is most people) switched to a baby sling instead of a stroller. It's better for the kids, better for the parents, and keeps that gigantic obstruction out of the aisles.

    CrittendenIV said...

    I am so happy I found a podast that is not depressing. And you even like Kerouac to boot.

    Thanks for the great drive to work.

    I cant wait for the next episode.

    Chub Creek turned me on to you :)


    Scarborough Dude said...

    Geez, it's sure nice to have company! This is a pretty shitty blog, and not much of a place to hang out, but I sure do appreciate all these comments! In fact, I'll mention that on the next podcast- if I can remember that far into the future...

    Anyway, thanks, all of you, who've taken the time to write in- it goes a long way eh!