Friday, September 29, 2023

DicksnJanes #964: mix of sun and cloud

Scarborough Dude shares another week of ups and downs, ending with a special Rock handover. 

Time - David Bowie - Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story The Soundtrack


Chiang Rai Charlie said...

Thanks very much for the lovely shout out, Ken. You are the longstanding lightning rod of accurate, interesting and sometimes controversial information about modern Canada, a rather unfamiliar place to me due to my long absences from our home and native. You're also a friend who spends an hour a week with me in this funny little village in Northern Thailand, offering me good advice about the importance of being here now.

Chiang Rai Charlie said...

Thanks, Ken.

I appreciate your kind shout out


Chiang Rai Charlie said...

Hey Dude: Enjoyed this episode...and special thanks for the lovely shout out. All D & J's supporters are definitely welcome if they come to northern Thailand. Only wish that you could make it, but I totally understand why that is likely a bridge too far.