Saturday, June 26, 2021

DicksnJanes #849: watching the trees, very little resistance

Scarborough Dude goes camping on the shores of Lake Huron; lots of time for kookie reflections. 

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this one very much, esp. the part where you encounter someone with an issue about your toileting habits in the park. Clearly, those years of studying and conducting mediations with people paid off, and I laughed hard as you told the story so very well.

As for what to do with your various collections of letters, podcasts and zines, I would suggest that you digitize all the work and put them all up on www. archive. org so anyone can have access, either now or far into the future.

As for your books, and other collectibles, sell them all and give the money to the Jack Kerouac society.

Just sayin'