Thursday, June 11, 2020

DicksnJanes #793: Jesus and other stuff

Scarborough Dude thanks Uncle Weed, overreacts to current events, and talks about Jesus. 

An American Dream - Love And Rockets - Express
Love's The Only Way - Cage The Elephant - Social Cues

Thanks Uncle Weed!


Rave On said...

With your background in conflict resolution you must be beside yourself with feeling helpless. We could use a guy like you south of the border right now.
Jim Gavin
Eureka Mo.

Scarborough Dude said...

These days I seem to have more than enough conflicts within myself to keep me busy. But I am optimistic that eventually, however long it takes, there will be changes for the better overall in United States and Canada, at least for those experiencing discrimination in its many forms. Accumulation of extreme wealth in the hands of a few can't continue. If or when the problems appear insurmountable, we all have to do whatever it is we can in our own small way to be proactive when we see injustice, more compassionate, and kinder in our daily living.

Thanks for listening Jim! Enjoy kayaking!

Unknown said...

If there were an angle to Jesus that I'd be interested in, it'd be somewhere in these search results:

However, time.

Be well... Milan

Dave O said...

While I prefer replying with another postcard, I will pause for a moment to say “thank you for your gracious words and continued interestingness.”

PS It was a combination of things starting with an illness then “the wheels fell off”… Things are turning around so well, I am calm and safe thank you.