Tuesday, November 06, 2018

DicksnJanes #707: selfandothers

The Scarborough Dude tries to dig a little deeper into his quirky self, with mixed results.

Aley Oop - The Hollywood Argyles - Let's Dance - 100 Original 1960s Hits
Higher Ground - Stevie Wonder - Stevie Wonder: The Definitive Collection


Unknown said...

Listening to you talk about your writing struggles, some searching, and this (which I think I will get for myself):


(not available on the .ca site, it seems).


PS also this. https://www.waywordradio.org/your-sweet-bippy/

Scarborough Dude said...

Thanks Milan. Checked out both links. Your comments always appreciated. Funny, cuz on the drive home from my accountant today I found myself once again struggling over the writing challenge I can't seem to let go of. It's a bit like a sickness, like depression maybe, that never goes away. I still expect to one day to have an answer come to me, including the possibility of simply making it go away.