Sunday, October 15, 2017

DicksnJanes #650: LCK! 2017 Part 2

Lowell Guide M. Roger Brunelle
The Scarborough Dude continues to enjoy Lowell Celebrates Kerouac, even moreso.

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Shownotes #650
0:00-0:30: intro with Kerouac, Dylan
0:30-8:00: SD recording from Jack Kerouac Memorial Park, reading carved quotes from his books, recounts breakfast at Gormleys, feeling blessed, celebrating this new now, joyful in Lowell
8:00-10:10: Readings from Maggie Cassady, Golden Eternity, Lonesome Traveler
10:10-14:30: Still in Kerouac Park, trying to explain how perfectly everything is happening, how great David Amran & others playing was  at Cappy’s Copper Kettle, plans for day including a dump, is joy just within the self?
14:30-19:20  David Amran talking about music, making of Pull My Daisy, advises fostering creativity, try to capture a moment in time, rediscovery of film’s 3rd act after 45 years, accept blessings & rejection
19:20-28:30: NOT Pull My Daisy but beautiful extended version of Woody Guthrie song Pasture of Plenty
28:30-32:40: SD recording from Sal again, recalls 2 am visit to the grotto, Stations of the Cross, recognition of this new tribe, David Amran a saint & amazing musician, good fucken day, got high with Sky, holy fuck!
32:40-36:00: Original Merry Prankster George Walker recalls his times with Neal Cassidy in Mexico, book to be written
36:00-39:10: More David Amran music with drums, bongos & bass
39:10-54:40: David Amran recalls working with Arthur Miller, mentions Dylan, Gregory Corso, introduces and plays extended version of his composition from After The Fall
54:40-57:45: Brian Hassett and George Walker read a passage from On The Road
57:45-1:00:15: SD grateful for new Quebec friend Guylaine Knupp, and Prof Nancy Fox & son Vilous who drove me to grotto & gravesite, still feeling blessed!


- Glen - said...

Wow, enjoying this episode!

Dude, you take us to some interesting places if we can get past the self analysis ...

I have listened to all of your episodes. your way of capturing in the moment audio and reactions is just great. I especially enjoy your way of giving your prospective of in the moment: nothing is seemingly held back, we can actually hear the joy and amazement in your discovery.

"After The Fall" blew me away!

Scarborough Dude said...

Is that Winnipeg Glen? Thank you! I think if I'm done with the self-analysis, I'll be done with the podcast - they seem to be tied together.

- Glen - said...

Yes, this is Winnipeg Glen... still here, still listening.

Well, all this has prompted me to look for an audio book of "On The Road'. I found one.
Who knows I may even read it over the next while.

Keep the episodes coming.

Scarborough Dude said...

On The Road seems to be a good read when one is young and has the world ahead to take on. I think it's a harder book to relate to once established in life. My personal favourites are Big Sur and Dharma Bums. But as an audio book, that's probably the best way to go, as it's Kerouca's flow of words that made it so famous. Enjoy listening!