Saturday, December 17, 2016

DicksnJanes #594: lastclass

Drinking buddies in Mayo Belwa, Gongola State, Nigeria, 1981
Scarborough Dude talks about his church, his guilt, his father, and his last class.

Mass for Five Voices: IV. Sanctus & Benedictus - Peter Phillips & The Tallis Scholars - The Essential Tallis Scholars
Tonight Will Be Fine - David Viner - Mojo Presents Cohen Covered
O Superman - Laurie Anderson - Big Science


Unknown said...

Good episode.

Re: Walrus Magazine, seen this?


Scarborough Dude said...

Good article, thanks, and I agree with Fullerton's point of view in this: "If a journalist or a media outlet invades privacy—or overrides a dying wish—these actions must be justified by an overwhelming public interest. Otherwise, such journalism is operating out of prurient, rather than legitimate transparency."