Friday, October 28, 2016

DicksnJanes #586b: Sally’sFirstRoadtrip (b)

Arrived in Tennessee, and the journey back home. 

Roll Along, Kentucky Moon - Jimmie Rodgers - The Best of Jimmie Rodgers

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Kenneth Pararo said...

Dude! I haven't listened to these episodes yet, I'm stoked to though, but I just wanted to give you props for really grabbing this thing by the balls. It's pretty apparent that this is a new thing in your life that's "sticking" without any additional effort, so you must really love it. I know for me, when you find something that's a natural fit, you're able to really incorporate it into your life without much of a struggle, like it's meant to be.

Like I said, I haven't listened to the episodes yet, so for all I know, I'm completely wrong and you end up selling Sally in part b (jk, I'm sure that's not the case based on the pictures), but I just can't help but appreciate what seems to be love. You're working on it, living in it, always thinking about it and using it whenever you're able, which is exactly how I feel about biking. So, again, props to you and holler if you're ever further south than Tennessee. We'll put you up ATL style or at least run you some shore power.