Friday, May 13, 2016

DicksnJanes #559: petulance

Petulance: the quality of being childishly sulky or bad-tempered
Mostly Eric Clapton's story, with a few connecting points along the way... Oh ya, and Scarborough Dude gets petulant.

It All Depends - Eric Clapton - Behind the Sun
Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton - Crossroads
Change The World - Eric Clapton - The Clapton Chronicles

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Anonymous said...

Just finished listening - perfect company for making dinner and doing dishes. I definitely enjoyed the Clapton music and background, it definitely serves to put all of the content in context. I especially enjoyed the last song. I have found memories of my parents listening to it when we lived in Florida in the mid-1990s. I was playing a lot of Pokemon at the time :B

I'm excited for the return of Gapage!