Tuesday, June 24, 2014

DicksnJanes #463: bonustrack

The Scarborough Dude can’t seem to stop himself from recording; he may be in a hurry to reach 500.

Kituriat - The Jerry Cans - Aakuluk
Inurulutuinnaujunga - The Jerry Cans - Aakuluk

Music included with permission of The Jerry Cans; I encourage you to buy their CDs for a taste of some uniquely Canadian music!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dude

Just wanted to tell you that I appreciate your decision to add a 'bonus' podcast this week...I was hoping you'd do something 'extra' this week, and it was very gratifying to find 'bonustrack' 463 this evening.
I've had a most bizarre day trying to get my Thai driver's license, and finding your latest offering balanced off the day in a most enjoyable fashion.
Thank you very much- enjoyed it very much!


Scarborough Dude said...

Glad to hear that Rob. I felt strangely guilty putting out an extra podcast, as if I were taking advantage of my loyal listeners. But I just gotta get this stuff outta me when the pressure builds - like taking a dump!