Friday, May 02, 2014

DicksnJaners #454: stilllearning

The Scarborough Dude finds he has a lot more to learn, about everything.

There's A Round-Up in the Sky - The Sons of the Pioneers - Singin' In The Saddle

Cousin Zeke on his acre


Anonymous said...

Another Great Show. Your too hard on yourself Dude. Enjoyed this installment very much. In keeping pace with the theme of #454 I thought I'd pass on a book called: The Four Agreements By Don Miguel Ruiz. I'd be surprised if this book didn't have a powerful impact on you as it did me. Few books can do that for me and I have read ALOT. Give it a look or a listen. John from Michigan

Scarborough Dude said...

Thanks John - your feedback is always appreciated! I'll keep an eye out for The Four Agreements, although my behind in my reading list is very, very long!