Thursday, December 26, 2013

DicksnJanes #433: ChristmasLove

The Scarborough Dude does his best to get into the holiday spirit. Part One.

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Special thanks to Jason of Up In This Brain


Anonymous said...

Hi Dude,
Glad your weathering the Storm in Toronto. U have been in my thoughts . The Storm just missed me here in Michigan. Found a article in the Guardian online News Site(highly recommended - unbiased) with references to The Beats and Kerouac. Thought u might like it. Link Below. Maybe look up authors books. Hope u get this. The last few comments I've made have gone unanswered. happy Holidays. John from Michigan

Scarborough Dude said...

Thanks John, and my sincere apologies for not replying directly to some previous comments. I always read and appreciate them!

With regards to the guardian link, I was surprised to read:

"I'm aware that the 1950s freewheeling Beats have been discredited as the sons of privilege living out an apolitical fantasy of adventure, slumming with black and immigrant communities and then going home to their middle-class parents to write about it."

This was certainly not the case with the Beats! It seems the author may be confusing Hippies with Beats, which in my books is a Big no no! The Beats I know were not privileged, and trueBeats were few in number, unlike the hippie hoards.

Thanks again, glad you're listening...

Anonymous said...

Hi Dude, No apology needed. Thanks for responding so quickly. I agree with your statement about story in article. Even for a layman like myself born in the mid 60's who had no knowledge of who the Beats were before listening to your Recordings/Podcasts, it seems out of place for someone trying to follow Kerouac and the true Beats message. I'd like to think authors heart is still in right place though. Seeing what he's doing to follow there footsteps.
In your opinion, what seperated the True Beats from the Hippies?. I've enjoyed many great times with the "hippie" crowds during the 80's and early 90's at concerts and the like. Or what was left of them after the 60's and 70's. In my opinion, when Jerry Garcia died it was the end of whatever the hippies evolved into after the 70's. Music like Floyd, Moody Blues, Led Zepp, Greatful Dead, Doors, and later on the Beatles etc. were staples for me and my friends at the time and that Music still lives on for me to some degree, however the rest is only a distant memory.
The story line that scares me the most in link - with all today's norm and status quo is where it says we only have two choices now. To exploit or to be exploited. Sends a Chill down my Spine. Perhaps the Beats, people of concious, Hippies, etc. were speaking out in there own ways, either thru music, writing, expression - Podcasts? - to prevent just that from happening. Where does it end?. Too few people are seeing the Forest thru the Trees these days. I hope its not at a point of no return and the message Hope, Adventure, Peace, Love, and Prosperity of Mind and Spirit will continue before its too late. Or is it only the Providence for and of the Young? - John From Michigan

Scarborough Dude said...

Wow! Lots to chew over in that comment John! Thank you. And as for you reminding me I hadn't yet replied to earlier comments, don't worry, I need reminders sometimes.

Anyway, so much to think thru from your comment, I may just reply on the podcast...

Anonymous said...

Ha,Ha. Hi Dude. I guess it is Long in the Tooth. I need to remember its a comments page. Thanks for being patient. Sorry. ;)