Monday, September 02, 2013

DicksnJanes #416: NSReunionTour3

The Scarborough Dude shares what's left of his August 2013 Maritime vacation; part 3 and conclusion of the Nova Scotia Reunion Tour.
Photo: Meat Cove campground, Cape Breton

Drinking Alone - The Backyard Devils - The Backyard Devils
Happy Song - Morgan Davis - Drive My Blues Away

FYI, we were joined at our Meat Cove campfire by Chris Belliveau and his very lovely partner, sharing stories of travel and adventure, and were delighted to discover we had a truly great musician (and entertainer) in our midst. The song you hear on this podcast by The Backyard Devils is my kind of music! Do us all a favour and buy a copy, available on iTunes or their own website.

We saw the very talented and versatile musician Morgan Davis perform at Bearly's House of Blues in Halifax, and with his permission I included Happy Song, from the Drive My Blues Away CD purchased after the excellent show.

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