Saturday, March 24, 2012

DicksnJanes Podcast #341: firmlyincontrol?

Prick and Dork try to salvage what they can from the mess the Scarborough Dude makes this week.

Oh The Warm Feeling - Van Morrison - No Guru, No Method, No Teacher
Stuck Inside Of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again - Bob Dylan - Blonde On Blonde

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Richard Bunky Bell said...

I really would have no problem with an NDP government. Or for that matter a Green Party Government. Elizabeth May is a smart person with lots of balanced fresh ideas that I like.
All my life it's been Liberal and Conservative governments. and after 58 years the one thing I've learned is that neither Libs nor Cons have anything new to offer.
I'm afraid that with the increasing popularity of the neo Con we're headed for a very bloody revolution. I hope I'm wrong but time will tell.