Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DicksnJanes Podcast #289: bigfatlardass

The Scarborough Dude talks a little more about Japan and the unadulterated pleasure of insulting good friends.

I'm Beginning To See The Light - Harry James/Kitty Kallen - The Top Ten Collection - The Late '40s
White Bird - It's a Beautiful Day - It's a Beautiful Day
And More Again - Love - Forever Changes
Put a Little Love In Your Heart - The Dave Clark Five - The Dave Clark Five: The Hits


Junior said...

I just finished breaking your balls a bit on Twitter about the (rather obvious, today) flaws in the weather forecast portion of this podcast, so it's probably only fair that I also share with you the part that gave me the most enjoyment.

I realize that the subject matter in the second last segment, the one where you're feeding the swans in Bluffer's Park, was quite serious. For me, quite apart from the sentiments expressed (most of which I generally concur with), I could not stop literally laughing out loud as you got progressively further besieged by seagulls. This segment was absolutely hilarious to listen to; hearing you attempt to get out your thoughts in a moment of solitude on a rather solemn topic as the seagulls began to gather, then grow increasingly numerous and ever more urgent with their calls, at times nearly drowning you out, was priceless. The capper for me was when you mentioned that the Chinese tourists had begun also encircling you and were taking pictures. Again, I know that your thoughts on the coverage of the disaster in Japan are sincere and I understand the importance and seriousness of the topic. As sheer entertainment, however, the seagulls and the tourists stole the show.

Thanks for giving me an honest-to-goodness laugh on my way in to work today, and something to think about too.

Scarborough Dude said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I think if I felt that had really needed some gravitude (odd how that word still doesn't show up in my dictionary) for that segment I would have stayed alone in my car. But of course I rarely know in which direction the clips will go when I start recording, and that's what makes it fun - and sometimes strange. It was indeed a bizarre scene, and when I listened back I couldn't help but smile, regardless of the message.

It's great having you as a listener- thank you again!

Harold said...

I agree about being able to break a buddy's balls; there's comfort in that. At the same time, I'm also sensitive to boundaries. Yesterday I sent you a tweet and you immediately blasted Tim Coyne, and I took that as a cue to jump into trash-talking Tim (who I've known, online anyway, for a few years). That was fine and dandy...but then, insulting you was kind of delving into creep territory since I don't know you at all. Apologies.

Enjoying the podcast.

Tae Hillyer said...

Well I am a new listener from SW Colorado. I first heard about you on XO by Keith Courage. He put together some great moments in your podcasting past. Those moments that you shared allowed be to reflect on the life that I have lived so far and all that I have concluded is that I am truly going to keep living until I am in that comfort zone that allows me to live there.

Thank you for sharing those moments. It only brought up the ones that I have lived that were related in some way to yours.
It's so easy to get lost in the drama of the day and forget about the our lives. It is moments like the one that you provided me while sharing your past that triggered all of those great moments in time, that are usually lost in the void during our everyday existence.
I look forward to more podcast. And I am glad the loved ones and friends of you and your wife are doing well. Some crazy events have come about during this month. I guess all we can do is sit back and enjoy the ride. Good or bad.
Thanks again and take care.