Sunday, December 06, 2009

DicksnJanes #225: iaintnowussy

In the photo: The Accountant, the Babe, and Barnacle Bill- all seriously hungover after a long night at Diamond Tooth Gerties in Dawson City, Yukon.
The Scarborough Dude thinks there are way too many wussies out there.
Years: 1975 and 1984
Oh Yeah - Yello
My Pony Won't Go - Gordon Lightfoot - Old Dan's Records


robb said...

Enjoyed the episode very much covered a lot of ground and I laughed out loud when I heard your description of that horrible woman at the party and your response to her unkindness.
1984 was the year I met you, so I guess this is the 25th anniversary of our friendship. Hard to believe, but very true...keep on chooglin' Ken!


Scarborough Dude said...

Thanks Rob. Yes indeed, 25 years! I shortchanged you in my description of that year- should have mentioned what a major role you played in getting me to Japan. I think you were the first from our class to head over and land a job (and land a punch - but that's another story!). Your letters back were the hook that caught me - an open 'come on over!'I'll never forget staying with those weirdos and Chiba and not being able to get out of there fast enuf! Wonder what ever happened to that guy from our class who none of us thought should have earned that certificate! Anyway, I escaped to your place in Kawasaki and realized there were other options out there. You had already created a comfortable world for yourself. And the rest.... is history. Cheers mate!

The Deranged Moose said...

LOve that photo. I've been in that same condition after a night at Gerties....

Todd Tyrtle said...

Love the idea of looking back on various years of your life. Definitely a favourite segment for me.

I'm with Robb - burst out laughing and then had to cover my mouth in an "Oh my God he *didn't* just say that!" sort of way when hearing about your reactions to the women at the party. Probably looked like quite the nutbar but it was so worth it. And really? What's wrong with saying just what you think? I much prefer that someone be direct with me if I'm off base than some weird PC reaction.

Not sure I agree 100% on the union rant. But your bullying one made me think. Had I just heard the CBC bit I would've been all for the law but hearing your thoughts made me a bit unsure. Probably somewhere between legislation and free for all lies the solution. Regardless of whether I agree or not, I appreciate hearing your thoughts - they make me think as well.

Anonymous said...

I love the "A Year in the Dude's Life" segments. The stories are definitely one of the reasons that I listen.
I really hope that you don't end up turning on me. I promise I'll make a couple of crappy episodes just to keep you happy.
Once again, thank you, thank you for the kind words. I don't recommend that anyone give up listening to you in order to listen to me. Though I am not against anyone tuning in, I don't want them to do so at the expense of missing one of your episodes.
Cheers. Doug.