Saturday, November 14, 2009

DicksnJanes #222: shoutouts

The Scarborough Dude talks about more stuff and calls out a few names.

Happy Alone - Kings of Leon - Youth & Young Manhood
The Motivator - T-Rex - Electric Warrior

Special thanks to John Meadows for dicksnjanes closing theme

Check out Slug is Doug eh! That's him at the start of the show - although as happens with many guests of the dicksnjanes podcast, the voice somehow got altered slightly. Go and listen to the whole thing - you'll enjoy it!


robb said...

Thanks for the 'shoutout' kind of resonated when you reminded me that it is now 25 years ago since we were both at University. Twenty-five fricking years? Wow.

I also got a sense during this podcast that you are now getting your "second wind" and that you're back "in the saddle again"....good on ya!! Looking forward to a spate of kick ass shows!

aka Singapore Sam

Inundator said...

Thanks very much for the shout out. Just a couple of notes:

"So thank you Inundator, that's all I can give you."

Well, that and a bunch of free podcasts!

"He does have a blog, I guess, Kooster's Brain Blog."

Actually, that is one of my best friend's blog. I'm curious how you came across that. My actual home page shows up as the second result of a Google search for "the inundator" Unfortunately, it too has not been updated in a couple of years. It is on my to-do list for Christmas vacation.

"I think he found me via Gary..."

Wow, it has been so long that I can not remember how I found your podcast. It was most likely from Kobe Beef or Tokyo Calling. In the early days of podcasting, it might also have been a Google search for "Japan and Podcast."

Thanks again for the mention and for the podcasts. Take care.

aka The Inundator
aka Brad

Scarborough Dude said...

Hey Brad Inundator! Sorry about all the errors! Thanks for straightening things out. I visited your web site, and hope you do decide to carry on when you have more time.

I also checked out your well written piece on podcasting: My first thought was 'Wow - this would be a great piece to use with my ESL students sometime!' Of course I wouldn't do that without your permission - and then I'd have to edit out the link to the dicksnjanes podcast at the end- the Scarborough Dude could do serious harm to my college teaching career, unfortunately.

Yes, it was probably a Japan related link that connected us. I exchanged a lot with the Kobe Beef Show in the early days, and referenced him on my show many times. I love how all these threads interweave... Thanks again eh!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude,

I've been trying to figure out exactly what to tell you about the past couple of episodes. I've left a few draft comments that I deleted and I even thought about sending in some audio. Why all the negativity? The show is great the way it is. No need to question its (and by extension your) quality so much. I do concede to the fact that the reason I listen is partly because of this almost Hellenic tragedy you've got going on with all the trials and tribulations of the The Dude but, nobody's perfect. Just like those tragedies an important part of the story is that each of those characters have an Achilles heel (that's what makes them human/ relate-able) but, the best of those stories are the ones where they overcome these flaws. Even if overcoming those flaws just means you ignoring them and continue to push forward with your life.

As far as your kids go, look I won't give advice but I will say that some of the stuff i've gained from being twenty-something is that some of that father-son conflict is inevitable ( like for example the trouble you have with your 2nd son and school). It just comes from being a father (and seeing how much of the father's quirks appear in the son and the son's struggle to break away from said quirks and define their own identity/ being their own person).

So with that, I really hope that much of this discontent that you have is just venting and drama "created' for the show's sake and not actual baggage your walking around with. Otherwise you'll quickly be crushed by it.

Alright take care Dude
Damien, aka MMD

Scarborough Dude said...

As always Damien, your comments and insightful observations are always welcomed. I would just like to clarify one thing, and that is I don't feel a conflict with either of my sons, just a sense that I could have/should have done more for them in their younger years. I know most parents go through this, thinking about they might have done differently.

One further thought: I have no idea how people piece me together through my podcasts, as it's almost random information delivered from a range of mood swings. You know me in real life, but still, the podcasts must give quite a distorted picture of who I am. OTOH, it could be listeners have a better understanding of me than I do.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the shout out. I am honoured and humbled to open this episode! I just hope that I can keep at it and make something of this thing we call podcasting like you have. Cheers!

Carie Lynn said...

You hit the proverbial nail smack on the head, Dude, when you said that sometimes we need to look around us, with a "big, dirty smile," and realize that it's all connected. You said it better, of course, but you're right.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude, thanks for the mention. Still here in Japan — five years now — the novelty has kind of warn off. Still enjoy the vast majority of what you put out. Over the time you're tipped me off to some good music, a few decent Japanese films and one great little bar.
Keep it going.

katherine said...

Thanks for keeping me company on my walk on this brisk, sunny November day, and while I started making dinner.


Christine said...

Thank you for saying hello on the the show, Dude! I'm fortunate to have you in my ear while I'm working as a graphic artist at our daily newspaper. I got onto your podcast through Chub Creek. Dave's mom and I worked side by side until she recently retired.
It is always a pleasure to listen, so please keep up the great podcast... xo
Christine Boroski
from the beautiful wet coast,
Vancouver Island

Inundator said...


"I also checked out your piece on podcasting. My first thought was 'Wow - this would be a great piece to use with my ESL students sometime!' Of course I wouldn't do that without your permission."

You have my permission. Hopefully, I will update that page before the new year, but I will probably only change some links and recommendations. The bulk of the text will remain the same.