Friday, September 25, 2009

DicksnJanes #216: podcampmontreal2!

The Scarborough Dude has a blast at #pcmtl eh!

Within You, Without You (Instrumental) - Beatles - Anthology 2 (Disc 2)
Tomorrow Never Knows - Beatles - Anthology 2 [Disc 1]
Come Closer Together - Nine Inch Nails vs The Beatles - Mashups

Special thanks to Botrax for this:
I have put online the audio from the presentation "PodCasting: Now & Zen" by Scarborough Dude. :)


Botrax said...

I have put online the audio from the presentation "PodCasing: Now & Zen" by Scarborough Dude. :)

Félix Trépanier said...

I attended your presentation at PCMTL. Since I was taking the train to Toronto this week-end, I figured that I should listen to one of you podcast on the way and chose the PCMTL one.

In it, you say that you were disatisfied by your delivery. Ok yes, it was not as fluid as it could have been. But I attended five sessions at PCMTL and yours is the only one I blogged about and it is the only one I'm still thinking and talking about. Friends and time and deepness and authenticity...that all there is. So thanks a lot for that talk!

Scarborough Dude said...

Merci Felix! I was just thinking today it's been a long time since I've had any feedback about my podcasts, so your comment is timely.

I think anyone who presents always thinks they could have/should have done better. But I'm not hung up about it - I just anted my message(s) to get out, and from what you say, it seems I was successful in that regard.

I'm very happy you caught what it was I wanted to express - the importance of authenticity, friendship and depth- and the awareness of the finite time we have to share these things.

Thank you again, I really appreciate that you made the effort to listen and comment!

And Botrax- thank you for the links!

Anonymous said...

Great music selections. Great ending.