Saturday, May 16, 2009

DicksnJanes #200: moreofthesame

The Scarborough Dude dishes out more of the same eh...
Here Comes the Night - Van Morrison - Best of Van Morrison

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Transpondency Podcast Network said...

Great video, Bunky. I second those sentiments. Thanks Scarborough Dude for 200 engaging episodes of ramble, rant, and revelation.

Dave Delaney said...

Hi Dude!
Congrats on 200 episodes! What an incredible milestone.

I'm only 15 minutes into the episode, but I find it interesting that you mentioned that you thought you should be talking about war, etc. Don't second guess yourself that what you're saying isn't relevant.

In just 15 minutes you made me miss Toronto. We rented an apartment in the Beaches before we left for Nashville. I use to take Sam on long walks along the boardwalk, we both loved it.

You mentioned how your son has changed for the better in just one year in university. This made me wonder what it will be like in 15 years or so, when Ella and Sam will be in university.

I wonder how they will change after that first year, like your Son #1 did.

That's pretty powerful for just 15 minutes dude!
I'm looking forward to listening to the rest.

To another 200 more!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on reaching the 200 mark Dude. Sorry to hear about losing the tour gig. The financial aspect I'm sure is considerable but the podcasts you recorded during them were always interesting and for "work" you seemed pretty relaxed and in your element. No "sitting naked on a rock" podcasts this year then.

BTW it's was through some your early shows that I started to listen to Van the Man. Great to hear him again.

Thanks for continuing to do what you do and stay well

Wizzie said...

Yeah, congratulations and, more importantly, why does Bunky look like me?