Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DicksnJanes #191: timtalk

The Scarborough Dude tries to get exclusive inside scoops in his talk with Tim Coyne of the Hollywood Podcast.

NOTE: This podcast was released ahead of schedule due to the unusually large number of podcasts Mr. Coyne has been appearing on lately. It was feared that the exclusive inside story on Tim's 'Chuck' television appearance might soon turn up in another half dozen shows, so here it is now. Remember, you heard it hear first - I mean second, or maybe third or forth - but hey it's still fresh - check it out!

Go straight to the horse's mouth: The Hollywood Podcast

Hear Keith Burtis interview Tim Coyne on his podcast


Unknown said...

It was a pleasure Dude.

Always fun to talk to you. Hopefully I didn't bore the hell out of everybody;)


Scarborough Dude said...

Hey - you can't be humble! I booked you for your star power - my show needed a boost! Don't give us any of that cutesy stuff! You're not Tim Coy - you're Tim Coyne, dammit! If I didn't want bragging & boasting I'd have booked a Canadian actor! Enough of this nice shit!

Anonymous said...

Damn -- Tim's Chuck appearance was done just like they do in Bollywood, recording the sound later and trying to match it up to the video.

Great episode....