Friday, December 19, 2008

DicksnJanes #180: letitsnow

The Scarborough Dude is pleased to be free of feeling he has to please.

Pistol Packin Mama - Al Dexter - Twenty-Four Gunfighter Ballads
Singing The Blues - Marty Robbins - Marty Robbins # 1 Hits
Chelsea Hotel No. 2 - Josh Ritter - Mojo Presents Cohen Covered

Artwork by #1 son (created prior to the Obama election)


MMD said...

Hey Dude if all is fair and square and move on with it, tell the British to gave back all the money and jewels they took from India (they'd have to dismantle a few crowns).

Yes ethnic groups do whine a bit but so do white people. If I hear one more white person talk about "reverse racism" I might lose it. A lot of groups need to pull their bootstraps and quit bitching.

On the other hand that is how government works. People bitch at it and they do something (or not). I have accepted it since I study government full time at school. You need to as well. You whining about them whining really solves nothing.

Scarborough Dude said...

I expected to hear from you - in fact I could have censored myself knowing you'd be listened and take umbrage with my outburst. And then what - think about every listened and what they may or may not agree with - horrors! I think you and every other listener need reminding that this podcast is a form of therapy for me - and what you call 'whining' is for me a release, at that moment. It was never meant to be a carefully crafted debate on political or religious issues, or balanced viewpoints, or even a reflection of what my true feelings really are- it's a release of the crap I need to rid myself of so I can move on. Thank you - but I don't 'need to study government' or anything else.

Preamble aside, I always welcome your comments - you're one of the few who bother to react, and I MUCH prefer that to silence. I have moe to say about this - but that will have to wait for my next podcast. BTW, I'm still waiting for yours. You made a great start on Talking Stick - keep going!

MMD said...

no no don't you dare censor yourself. I liked what you had to say and I tried to bring up both sides of the debate. I guess I failed. Sorry