Wednesday, November 05, 2008

DicksnJanes #173: equilibrium

The Scarborough Dude reclaims his equilibrium, but still finds plenty to gripe about.

She Said, She Said - Mark Mulcahy - Mojo - Revolver Reloaded
Sixth Avenue - Tom Ovans - Uncut Inspired By Bob Dylan
We Ask You To Ride - Wooden Ships - Interstellar Overdrive


MMD said...

That wasn't my argument in the least Dude. I was just saying that a black innocent should be valued in the same way as a white innocent (or an ugly innocent girl/boy versus a attractive girl/boy). Unfortunately the black innocent will be less morned because most assume that she/ he grew up in/ near gangs and thus had some part to play in their own death. However, as most people know, the majority of people don't choose to be poor.

Scarborough Dude said...

MMD - there seems to be only one solution to what you say is my misunderstanding of your comments: state your views & opinions on an audio clip and send it in- I'll 'voice' your concerns for you. Better yet, start your own podcast and I'll listen. You have lots to say - it seems a shame to waste your expression in a comment box few bother to read.

That said - the idea I was trying to express is that our compassion can only go so far - after a point we just have to stop feeling, so that the dying poor in far away lands remains an abstraction, whereas 15 year old Brandon who was found dead in Barrie after running away from home over a fight with his parents over an Xbox pains me deeply.

Scarborough Dude said...

Thought further on this, and realize that our talks don't quite overlap. I was trying to explore the topic of compassion - where it begins and ends, and the ares in between. I don't think, in my case anyway, it is about colour of skin, religion or ethnicity at all. I feel as much pain for the young boy who was beaten and left to die for something he may or may not have done - he just crossed the wrong guys. All happen to be black. If he had a gun and was shooting back at his attackers, I probably would not have cared so much. I feel for the little guys caught in rival gang fights in the Mexican drug wars, guns or no guns.

The list is endless - and depressing. Okay, so maybe a Skype call would help - or you can have as a guest on your first podcast! Speak out man!

MMD said...

I think in retrospect my comment may seem a bit terse sounding but it was not meant to be that way in the least.

I meant no offense

Kelownagurl said...

Hey Mr. Scarborogh Dude,

Just started listening to your podcast and have had a lot of laughs working my way back thru the archives.

Love your sense of humour and can SO relate to your form of procrastination (I wanna do what's fun first too and can twitter my life away instead of getting my report cards done...) Also loved your description of the women at the Starbucks (?) in Oakville.

Hope you figure out what you want to be when you grow up, although I have a feeling it'll find you, eventually. Keep up the good work!

Scarborough Dude said...

Kelownagirl! Comments like that sure give me a rush! Thank you for listening - it's exciting to have someone new out there. Please stay tuned- Beijing coming up...

Kelownagurl said...

I sent you a msg on twitter today but you're not following me so you probably didn't get it.

Have you tried installing Hotspot Shield on your laptop? It allows you to go to a website and appear to be coming from a different IP address. It might solve your problem with the blocked websites. Then again, the Hotspot Shield site may blocked too.

It's how I can access and watch the US TV websites like from Canada.

Dave said...

Safe travels dude. So bummed I'm going to miss you when I'm home. Guess you'll have to find a gig in Nashville to come visit.

I'm very excited about your episodes from China. Your episodes from Japan were among my favourites.