Wednesday, September 03, 2008

DicksnJanes #165: wtf?

The Scarborough Dude finds himself in a maze with no exits.

I Can't Take it No More - John Fogerty - Revival
Down With The Sickness - Richard Cheese - Tuxicity

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Anonymous said...

Listened to this one on the way from Quebec to Vermont - you were good company though at times I wished there were a K7 number to have called with things that came to mind as most of it fell out of my head by the time I got to a computer with a net connection. What I *did* remember was regarding "finding who one truly is."

I think this is a question without an answer as it almost implies a simple easy to swallow answer in 140 characters or less when really I'd say who one is is a momentary snapshot in a space that has at least four dimensions. Several dimensions would include mood, wakefulness, chemical 'enahncement' etc. You are a different person with 3 beers vs. 3 cups of coffee.

Another set of dimensions would be context. I had originally thought of myself as having a work personality and a 'real' personality but really there's a continuum between the two and furthermore there's other ways I am when I'm with various circles of friends.

Finally (though I know I missed some dimensions there), there is simply time. Unless you are actively acting as a persona, you are *always* the true you. How that 'you' gets manifested is dependent upon countless factors. It's oversimplied and probably affected by the fact that I was driving when I thought of it but I almost think of one's personality as being a path along a road, up and down hills, around corners, sometimes doubling back, sometimes getting held up due to mechanical troubles, sometimes wrapping itself around a tree...

Anyway, not sure if I made any sense there...