Wednesday, August 13, 2008

DicksnJanes #162: touring

Ken tries to keep the Scarborough Dude out of the picture – and almost succeeds.


Anonymous said...


The filename on the mp3 (dnjpodcast162.mp3) doesn't match what's in the feed (DnJpodcast162.mp3) and apparently iTunes (or maybe the server it's requesting the file from) can't tell that they're supposed to be the same thing.

Could you please upload it with the matching filename so we can download it to iTunes? Thanks!

Rob (and Katherine, of course)

Scarborough Dude said...

Thanks so much for pointing that out - a cut & paste error on my part. Problem solved - I think.

Anonymous said...

Problem solved -- thanks!

Anonymous said...

You know, just when I think there is *nothing* you could do that would surprise me in the least, then you do.


Anonymous said...


Is there a way to submit your materials to a local archive? I know the Library at my local university accepts submissions for archive.

Anonymous said...

Naked Podcasting!? Now I think I've heard it all. Though I must admit I wish I had my own island to wander around on in the buff. It just isn't the same in my living room after a shower. I'm glad I'm one of the few this show is for, thanks for being here for us.

Anonymous said...

sitting here naked in my desk chair, sipping a beer and thinking of you.

feelin' good.

glad you enjoyed the video i sent out.

tim coyne