Sunday, January 27, 2008

DicksnJanes #136: ruefulness

The Scarborough Dude shares some mood swings with his loyal listeners.

Fade To Grey - Visage - 80's British Gold
Fly At Night - Chilliwack - Greatest Hits
A Hundred And Sixty Acres - Marty Robbins - Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs

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Anonymous said...

Dude, thanks for sharing your moods with us - I find it very helpful and therapeutic as I go through the same kind of feelings and end up over-analysing, going round in circles, etc. (It doesn't get you anywhere except ties you up in a knot, I think). It really helps to know that someone else is going through the same. You often put this into words much better than I could. As you've said in the past, we can't help what we've been dealt in terms of our emotional make-up. (And don't listen to Prick ...)

Anonymous said...

Today, I was at the hospital helping some folks there with a game of bowling and one guy said..."when there is only one pin left, what you can do is charge it with your wheelchair..." That poor guy had been trying to knock some pins all morning and nothing was moving...I laughed so hard with this man.

I really loved this last ep, Ken. You have a talent in expressing yourself and your feelings with your podcast. Too bad you can't live off it. Because if you could...I would say, this is it...stay plugged and talk! I also often feel like you, mood swings and all. Courage and try charging that one pin with your wheelchair sometimes! hahah!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this episode very much felt very real and was all over the place, both in time and space. I found it fascinating how one day (or moment) found you down in the dumps, and then a short time later an incident with your son (sun?) has you shining again....that kind of stuff happens to most everyone, but too many of us never take time to reflect on our ever changing moods - you do, and that makes a difference!
Please keep on searching through your earlier days in Japan....I can relate to a good part of that a hell of a lot better than whatever modern Canada has become! Selfish? Yes, damnit.

Scarborough Dude said...

The feedback is very much appreciated!! Truly makes a difference, and I thank you all. It's very hard to know the worth - or worthlessness - of an episode without hearing back from listeners. Thank you all- and for that- I'll do another.... and another... and...

Anonymous said...

Oh, this was definitely a Very Good episode.


I'm another one given to those mood swings and doubts and misgivings and wishing I could make a living at the few things I'm actually good at, and wishing I could win just enough in the loto to stop the worrying.

It's really good to hear it reflected back, and to hear the good moments in between the ones that are harder, because it's in listening that I become more aware of needing to recognize my own good moments in amongst the dark ones.

Thanks for the bit of Frost the other day, that really did help a lot.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of em Dude. Great episode! The honesty is always appreciated, and heart felt. I too share the same feelings. And, I will have to learn to "taste the beer" rather than drink those 12....haha.

- Gary.