Monday, August 27, 2007

DicksnJanes #116: unseperatism

The Scarborough Dude asks what you’d do as Prime Minister for a day. And while you're at it, what are Canadian values? Who the hell are we?

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Dave Brodbeck said...

Hey Dude,

Having lived in Newfoundland and Labrador, and having spent a great deal of time in Quebec, I have a lot of experience with ugly ethnic nationalism (please do not misunderstand, I am not saying that all Newfoundlanderrs or Quebeckers are into ethnic nationalism).

I can say that I am happy and proud to be Canadian. That said, it is not an ethnic nationalism or an ethnic patriotism. It is a pride (perhaps a patriotism) based on institutions. We are a country that has a delicate balancing act of provinces, regions, cities, linuistic groups, founding peoples and more recent immigrants.

I am proud of things like standing up for what is right, for caring about minorities and for being a sober people. (Sober in thought, if not well, our alcohol consumption....)

This whole country is mine. I feel like it too, wherever I go, and I have spent time in all but two provinces (SK and PEI).

I teach students from all over Canada, and about 20 percent of our students are Annishnabek (Ojibwe).

We are about compromise.

I have BTW, thought we shoudl colonize Haiti for years.

Scarborough Dude said...

Thanks for starting the ball rolling on this one again Dave - boy, that was fast! We seem to be in agreement on several ideas - including taking over Haiti. I too have a very strong, and proud, feeling that Canada is mine, no matter where I go.

Anonymous said...

Have I become so cynical and apathetic that, when asked what I would do if I were Prime Minister for a day, the first thing I think of is to put the current government on the Suspected Terrorists List and see how they like it?


The problem is, a day isn't long enough, and even if I were to manage to do some neat things, some pin-head politician would be back the next day to un-do it all.

I'm with you, though, Dude, on the getting old and feeble thing. Some days, as the young folk might say, it blows and sucks both at the same time.

And I really wish we could come to the film night -- "Linda, Linda, Linda" is on my list of films to see, but 6:30 on a Friday night isn't do-able from out of town, alas. But I hope you have a great turnout and a good evening.

Anonymous said...

Just curious - what street did you live on in Lachine?

Scarborough Dude said...

48th Avenue. Just above where the tracks used to be, before they were torn out. From 1958, I think. But my friends were on 49th and 47th. And you?

Anonymous said...

Spooky! We lived on 48th too - just below Sherbrooke. I think my parents had the house from 68/69 to 85.

Scarborough Dude said...

How about being a little less 'anonymous' and email me sometime: dicksnjane at I was back in Lachine for thr 76 Olympics, and again for the LHS Reunion in 2003. The Lakeshore is beautiful now!